Saturday, 12 February 2011


Last night I sat down with my laptop all ready to post about my cabinet make over with the Annie Sloan paint.  I wrote the first paragraph, then I attempted to find the before photo - no luck.  Not on K's camera, not saved on laptop, not on Nelly's camera, not on K's work camera.  I became thoroughly grumpy and gave in. So hopefully later I will post the after  photo and you will all have to use your fabulous imaginations for the before photo. 

I think I may have to save up and get a camera all of my own. I do find it the hardest part of blogging - the photo bit.  I either forget to take it out with me or take photos and lose them or take them in the wrong resolution so they take aggggggggggggges to download.  It's definately something I need to work on as I have loads to say and lots of things to blog about but a post without a picture isn't the same.  Any hints or tips would be gratefully received. 

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Laura said...

Know what you mean about the pictures. I'm the same I have posts written, but no pictures... It would make life a lot easier to post without. Looking forward to see your cabinet make over. Lx