Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Ch, Ch, Ch Changes

At last I have camera, lead and hopefully decent photos to show my cabinet makeover.  As I mentioned a long time ago I used the Annie Sloan paint that I bought at Nellie in the Shed in Southwell, Notts.  I must say on first using the paint I was a little bit disappointed.  It took more than one coat and some of the varnish showed through the paint.  I decided that I would e-mail Annie to let her know.  She replied straight away asking for my phone number.  After a few attempts to make contact and another e-mail (little bit stroppy on my part) Annie phoned.  Yeah you heard the actual Annie Sloan phoned me to ask how it had gone with the paint.  She said that it was most unusual for anyone to have problems with the paint and that she had not received one negative comment about it.  I could agree with this as I had Googled to find reviews and I could not find one negative one anywhere - which I told her.  We discussed the piece I had painted, the consistency of the paint etc.  I offered to send her photos of my cabinet but she said it was fine - she trusted me and that as a gesture of goodwill she would send me an alternative tin of paint.  Well I must say I was very pleased as I do have grand plans for this paint (which I did tell her) and want to paint almost all the old furniture in my home.  Dont panic - no antiques or items of great value - mostly Stag Minstrel bought when we got married in 1986 and some other pieces I have picked up along the way.  This is all good solid furniture but very dated. 

Time for photos - baited breath - not my finest point.

The china cabinet before - dark, tired, but a pretty shape with original key and shelves all ready for a coat of paint.  Did I mention it only cost me £10 - whoa that was a happy day.  The man in the local second hand shop thought I was quite crazy as I was so excited about it - I told him I had been looking for one for ages and that I was going to paint it cream and line the back etc he just gave me one of those smiles - you know the one - the oh I have strange one here - smiles.  Any way here is the before -

Don't ask me what happened to the photos I don't know and now I am getting fed up.  They looked find before they were uploaded to my blog and now they look rubbish - whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!.  Do you get the idea though - old cabinet, dark wallpaper on the back, darkish varnished wood.  (it smells a bit inside but hey ho i'm not planning on moving in).  Hold you breath a little now for the afters - hopefully they will be a tadge better than the befores  - fingers and toes crossed. 

Ta Dah

Close up of back - a map of our local area

Me and some pretties

Oh so glad that worked - I must say I love it and have accessorised a little bit but it is not finished.  More stuff to transport. 

The Annie Sloan paint was great I have since painted a small cabinet and it only took two coats, the finish is great and I would recommend it.  I have painted the banister on the stairs oh and the brown leather sofa is now spotted with Old White Annie Sloan paint - I don't really do the protecting everything with drapes thing I just splashed it around - it did come off though The no sanding, no priming, no doing anything apart from painting is great and I am going to go on to paint my dresser next with my free pot.  Thank you Annie I am a convert and LOVE your paint.


Jacey said...

I love it ! You've done a great job.
I'm not one for preperation either when it comes to painting, I'm more of a just slap it on, I find baby wipes gets paint off most things if your quick enough. Have a great week. xx

Jo said...

It looks great. How nice to get some customer service, not much of it about nowadays.

Laura said...

It looks great!!! Worth the wait. I want to paint my dark bedroom furniture, but the hubby likes it... perhaps I should just start it... it's not like he can change it back... or would that be grounds for divorce?? Again, your cabinet looks amazing! Well done. Lx

The sewing room said...

What a difference a coat of paint makes , it realy does look great l might investigate this paint myself.

Hugs Pat.

made-and-found said...

Thanks for stopping by.Lovely to hear from a fellow blogger/creative free spirit.I love your cabinet.I have one in my shop it coat £2 from the local auction room which I repainted and lined with Cath K wallpaper.I use it to display my pip studio china.I will try to take a photo to show you.It's so great to rescue and rehabilitate unloved furniture Anne x

Sally said...

Transformation is fantastic! Glad you sorted out the paint, you did a really neat job over the glass, I'm not a neat painter, wish I was. This time saving paint sounds perfect for some drawers I need to make over and a glass fronted dvd cabinet I want to do a similar job on, so I think I'll try some! Look forward to seeing you on Friday!!

Diane said...

That looks great - and I love the idea of lining it with a map of your area! I am up for a walk with you and Dylan! I'll let you know when hubby is working and see if you are free. xx