Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Everybody look at me, me!!

Hey check me out!  I've had my hair done.  You like?  I had a lovely day with Sarah, she washed and clipped, crimped and preened, chatted about holidays - Cornwall out of season v the kennels, she gave me snacks and drinks, chatted about girls - not bothered I said I happy single with my family (also I have no bits!).  I had a chat with the Bedlington Terriers nice Chaps they were.  All in all I feel so much better - no more bad hair days for me for a while.  I couldn't understand why mummy laughed though I look rather like the rather swish and swave Poirot.  What do you think?

No more comb overs for a while.

Oh my I have a bob!  Look at my ears.!

Mummy just give me the cheese - pleeeeese.

The Sphinx

Sending you all lots of love - Diane this is for you - my heart shaped patch.

I am not staying here any longer, give me the cheese or I will cry.

Look at my manly chest hairs - ignore the bald patches please.
Any good?  As i'm posting all about me I thought I might tell you about all the names I have.  My mummy will have told you that my name is Dylan but that isn't the only name I go by.  Here are just a few that I get called.  You ready there's a lot.

Dyl Pickle

Mussy Muss Muss
Moo Moo



I think I also get called some that a dog is not allowed to repeat.  They're the ones when I have been rolling in poo, getting under feet of people carrying huge piles of washing (its a sign you know, it means they are going OUTSIDE) and when I have taken a shoe and hidden it especially when its a school shoe and the lift has arrived.

All in all I love my names and yes I do answer to them all.  The only name I am not keen on is my real name, you know, the Kennel Club name, the posh silly name that never ever gets used.  Do you want to know what it is?  Get ready you will laugh your socks off, my owners do.  I will reveal it after my last photo. 

This is my I have now had enough now face.

The big reveal my real name, my posh name, my kennel club name is:-


Have your socks come off yet.  Good night

Love Dyl X

Mummy says she takes no responsibility for the above name it was the fault of my breeders, lovely, lovely people but a man mad about Manchester United and a lady in love with all things Disney.  Oh me Oh my!  Eric Cantona is rather handsome tho, at least I didn't get called Rooney Tinkerbell that would have been too much for me to bear.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic!!! Dylan you are a most handsome chap :0)

My Dylan just used to get Dylan the Villain and his kennel club name was Daisnbeck Crazy Survivor (his breeders had a thing about Seal (the singer) but I didn't mind as I loved him as much as your mummy loves you!

I do hope you got your cheese after all that carry on lol ;0)

Jacey said...

He looks so smart and handsome !!
My lad is called Dylan, he gets called dillaby, now he's nearly 9 he's not that keen on it anymore.

Tracey said...

He looks very posh! Not very pleased though....I hope he got his cheese! xxx

Vintage Tea Time said...

Well written, Dylan - you should start your own blog! Love the new smart hairstyle! Great kennel club name! (I'm not laughing at you - really......splutter....)

50 and still trying to be Frugal .... said...

He looks lovely and so good sitting there for you to take the pictures lol.
I thought of Dylan last night when Max - my puppy was sitting on my knee, I started to twirl his fur into a point on the top of his head, so he lloked like a unicorn but he wasn't very happy about.

two bones and a bagle said...

thanks for your comments mum said i had to say thank you and to tell you that i did get the cheese. Maybe I might do another blog one day - I will have a good think about that - umm walkies, beaches, fox poo my fear of cows. The possibilities are endless.

Diane said...

I love Dylans posh name - its the best dogs name ever!! And the heartshaped patch is faberooni!

potterjotter said...

He's adorable .... and very patient, posing for all those photos. Great name too.

Helen Philipps said...

I just had to comment, you made me laugh so much! I popped over from Julia's blog and found Dylan's post - soooo funny! Helen x

Jo said...

Awww, bless him, he looks very dapper with his new haircut. I've got a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who's nine months old. I'm going to have to get the fur on his paws trimmed soon as it's so long and he literally slides on the kitchen tiles.

Mister D said...

Happy looking dog - must be a content fella - like the name - would be a good name for a blog !