Tuesday, 15 February 2011

A Make Over

This is going to be about a makeover.  Not a cabinet makeover but a makeover of a different kind.  Tomorrow is a big day for Dylan our dog.  It's doggy haircut day.  I have to whisper this as Dyl doesn't like having his hair done.  A day at the salon is not his cup of tea.  He is more a rolling around in fox poo kind of dog - good job we love him - he really does stink.  Actually he isn't that bad.  He is however desparate for a haircut.  He is long overdue and has lovely flowing locks but in amongst those luscious locks are BIG LUGS.  We try to comb him but he resists in a most polite manner with a deep growl and he will have none of it. 

Here he is in with all his lovely locks.

Look at those lovely locks

Here we have the spike.

The comb over

The middle parting - very fetching it shows off his white flash
 He really is a super dog and we all love him to bits.  Call back tomorrow to see the after - his appointment is at 9 am sharp.  I am sure he will have a lovely chat about holidays, girlfriends, going out etc and I bet he will have a latte or espresso whilst he is under the dryer.  I can't wait to see him with his new hair cut.  Actually we will all laugh at him lots and lots we always do when he has had his haircut because he looks really funny.  The groomer has just called actually whilst i'm blogging  to check his appointment time.  Don't forget to check back tomorrow for the big reveal. 


Tracey said...

He's adorable! Thanks for visiting me today & for your comments! xxx

Laura said...

Aww, we have a Cocker Spaniel (Bea) and we always say she looks like Snuffaluffagus (no idea how to spell this... it's from Sesame Street) when we leave her too long between cuts. She looks like a pup after the barbers though! Lx

Diane said...

Looking at his face, I think he suspects something! x

Anonymous said...

Love all of his different looks! Looking forward to seeing his new do :0)