Thursday, 24 February 2011

Sunshine On My Shoulder Makes Me Happy

Had a lovely day today.  Been to Chesterfield for a potter around with K and then went on to the antiques centre in Bolsover.  A gentle pootling day which was welcome as today would have been Dad's 75th birthday so I had approached it with very mixed feelings - sad that he is not here and happy in that I had a good day which he would have liked.  I bought some pretty spring flowers from the market - cheap as chips - and from the Antiques Centre I got a blue and white striped pudding bowl and a pretty pink rabbit - very spring like. 

Pretty pink bunny

Pretty pink primula

A trio of loveliness - oh and a painted dresser

I am saving the dresser reveal for another day as it needs a bit more attention.  It's looking good though and has already made the room look brighter. 

After I got back from our little outing I donned my black and white starry pj bottoms, my scruffy purple hoodie and my green crocs - why you may ask - well the sun was shining and it was the ideal opportunity to paint OUTSIDE.  I was looking good - um thats debatable - well its not I looked a state.  Yeah I opened the patio doors and dragged out two of our dining room chairs.  With a splish and splash of Annie Sloan they are looking much better.  Two more to go and then the seats to recover.  It felt really good to be outside and I had a look around the garden and there are lots of signs of new growth.  My clematis Dad gave me is sprouting. honeysuckle growing, ladies mantle poking through and lots more.  There's lots of tidying up to be done - weeds to pull out, dead plants to remove and brambles and nettles to clear.  Hopefully a little more sunshine will inspire me to get going.  Going to watch Marchlands now pips going on Radio 4 for 9 o'clock gonna run through to other room grab remote from Nellie and enjoy.


Jacey said...

Cute bunny !
I'm loving Marchlands, hubby is out tonight so I am being brave and watching it on my own. xx

Jo said...

It's amazing how a little spring-like weather can cheer you up. Birthdays and anniversaries without loved ones can be hard, but it sounds like you did things which your dad would have enjoyed. I haven't watched Marchlands yet, I've got it on Skyplus ready to watch.

Diane said...

I see youve got the hang of photos now! Glad you have had a good day - the weather was lovely. xxx