Friday, 6 May 2011


Nephew H was off school today as his school was being used as the polling station.  So he came to ours for the morning whilst his mummy was at work.  We had decided before to take a picnic to Clumber Park as it is almost on our doorstep and we have a National Trust card so entry for us is free.

Picnic packed

Almost ready to eat

Betty's bag that we made together - think I may have to borrow it (a lot)

Betty having her coffee out of her new mug - she was upset later as I dropped it and the enamel chipped off both inside and out.  Think I might have a chat with Cath to see if she can sort it out.

My new pumps - they have not left my feet since I bought them at the weekend - well I haven't slept in them unlike my LSJ who always took her new shoes to bed with her when she was little.

One happy H with his new bow and arrow which he bought with his pocket money.

One happy pooch who had been hiding bread in the undergrowth for when he returns another day - doh!

Looks like The Green Man - photos have gone blurry 

A random smiley face Nellie found when she opened a new pot of jam.

We had a good picnic we had a few spots of rain and it was a little cool but we coped with that.  What we did find off putting was the presence of flies.  I don't know what kind they were but they sort of hung in the air were very black with long dangling legs not like a house fly more like a big midge.  They were horrid.  We did try and go on a brisk walk but had to turn around because they were hung in big clouds.  Yuk.  Hope they have gone next time we visit.  Must go now am still in bed and I had given myself until 9.00 am sharp to look at blogs and post this and as it is 9.18 I am late.  I like to chunk my day - do you?


Fading Grace said...

You look like you had fun, your shoes are son when he was little used to sleep in his wellies! x

Alix said...

A very stylish picnic! What a shame about the mug - surely it should be tougher so definitely a candidate for a replacement I think! Yucky flies - there do seem to be more than usual this year (wasps too). Nasty!

Vintage Tea Time said...

That sounds like a good day! Yes, we've had clouds of those flies here too. Enjoy your weekend. Abby x

Em said...

Loving your CK pumps...I got the green spotty ones last year and the starry ones you have are my faves this year!
Em xxxx

Diane said...

The flies will probably get washed away in the weekend rain! I love Clumber park. x

Carol said...

Oh no, yuk, hate lots of flies especially if you are having a picnic. I like Clumber park too.
Love your pumps.
Carol xx

Vintage Jane said...

You were so lucky to only have a few spots of rain. We've just come home from the school May fayre after a tremendous thunderstorm blew and washed everything away!

MissGinger said...

what a lovely day - but my favourite is the smiley jam! smiley jam! how fab is that!!!

fee @ chipper nelly said...

what a lovely day you had....and imagine finding a face in jam!
I once mentioned something about people finding the face of Jesus in strange places (in fact I think I blogged was on a chicken!)
and since then my boys have been a little obsessed and keep offering up 'look mummy - it's Jesus'!

Wish i'd never mentioned it...fee x