Monday, 9 May 2011

Saltaire Take Two

On Sunday we decided to visit Saltaire near Bradford.  We encourage Nellie and Belle to join us and they did - yeah.  Betty had uni work to  do so she stayed at home - actually she took her laptop to the pub where she works to do it.  Not sure how much got done but as the Diet Police are on patrol I know she was not drinking - only pop.

Saltaire is a great place to visit as it has something for everyone.  On first floor is a gallery with lots of faberoony art and artefacts.  There is also a vast variety of books on art, fashion, graphics, design etc.  K was in his element he is partial to a good book purchase and is always tempted.  He is thrifty though and always checks online before he purchases to get the best price.  He ordered two books when he got home and I don't know how it  happened but two from my selection popped up in his basket.  Thanks K.  Amazon were very kind  and because he is a good customer gave him a £10 voucher.  Not bad.

On the second floor Yorkshire Fashion Archive had an exhibition - it was well worth a visit.  Not only did they have items of clothing that had been donated they have photographs of the people who owned them wearing them and their story.  Goosebump time - well for me anyway - I really enjoy social history and nostalgia.

Does this make you chuckle?

It did me!

This homemade wedding dress from the late 1950's was a pale salmon pink - the lady who made it and wore it said she didn't suit white and that it reminded her of her school blouses so she went for the pink - apparently it was becoming fashionable in the late 50's to wear pink - you  learn something new everyday don't you.

Here she is on her Wedding Day - isn't is gorgeous

The lady who made and designed this dress also screen printed the fabric - she was an art student - as Nellie and I said it wouldn't look out of place now.


This happy couple  were just about to go on honeymoon to Wales

The dress was really pretty

This outfit looks very 40's but was actually a 1970's piece

BIG collar and looked like crimpoline - nice.

We did partake in a little snackette from the Diner.

There was a great household items section with super stuff but NO PHOTOS so can't share.  I can share that a few items were purchased to go in my giveaway which I will post about very soon.

After a good stoll around the mill we venture a little into the village.  Houses all in rows with beautiful windows, stately looking lions

and rainbow llamas

Nellie and Belle

Having fun watching a film of David Hockney's latest work which he has created using his i-pad.

We had a great day and as we were walking out I said to the girl's that was great fun, we all stayed together as a family and didn't split up -ha ha said Nellie quick as a flash - that's cos you have the money.  Only  joking she said. 

Why Saltaire twice you may wonder - well the last time we went just K and I we had a fuss - code for argument in the Diner and I had a strop and demanded to be taken home.  What was it about - oh just the saga of the dresser top being returned into the house from the garage.  Very serious at the time really silly now. Good job we know each other and our quirky ways so well.


Bee happy said...

What a fab place to visit, love the dresses.

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

My Spotty Pony said...

What an amazing place. The Brown, Muff's label did make me lol.. lots! Beautiful dresses which could all be worn today (well, not on me due to my expanding waistline!). Glad second time around was a happy onedessin for you all.

My Spotty Pony said...

I did check comment before publishing... where "onedessin" came from I have no idea!!
Clearly it should read "a happy one for you all" A x

Diane said...

Ive got Saltaire on my list for a visit after reading "Sltair Daily Blog". Ive not been for a couple of years. Incidentally I have my mums wedding dress from 1959 and it has a layer of pink under the lace. xxx

Alix said...

The exhibition combining the photos and the clothing is great! I especially love the leaf print dress with the orange sash - not normally what I'd like but it is stunning! Sounds like a great day out.

fee @ chipper nelly said...

haven't been there for years (seem to remember a rather good cafe?)
it's firmly back on my 'to do' list!
fee x

Vintage Tea Time said...

The leaf print dress is fab - very 'now'! What a great exhibition - sounds a good day out. Enjoy your week. Abby x

Romi and Bob said...

I used to live in Saltaire! Isn't it the cutest,a bit like Trumpton? I really miss the lovely shops and cafes. Did you go to Zeba at the bottom of the mill? It is a lovely furnishings shop. Aw, lovely to see it here. x