Saturday, 21 May 2011


Just a little snippet of a fairly normal conversation between K and myself.  Both in kitchen pottering, K buttering his toast - yum I said think I will have toast today - BE CAREFUL said K if you have toast you will put on half a stone.  It was very funny indeed - having to BE CAREFUL of the very dangerous toast.  Did I have any - yes I did (but without the butter).  Was it delicious - OH YEAH.  Best toast I have had in 6 weeks.  Few minutes after K was playing his new Eagles CD and I said Oh I like this look it makes me dance like a chicken (envisage me in fluffy bagpuss dressing gown flapping arms like a chicken and bopping around) Ah yes indeedy said K picking up the CD case it says on here that the Eagles makes you dance like a chicken.  Does it? I replied - er no. Doh.  Typing this I have laughed a little more as I have just got the joke Eagle/Chicken thingy.  Oh today is going to be a good one me thinks!

Please forgive me for not using the correct speech mark thingys they really reduce my flow so I don't bother - hope you don't mind.

Have a good one!

Oh Diane I will be carrying my new handbag on my holidays.  Will post it later so if you spot me you will know its me as I cant imagine anyone else will have a new orange and blue handbag with a picture of St Ives on one side and St Michaels Mount on the other.

One last funny now listening to Rock with You by Michael Jackson (thanks LSJ and R for K's voucher good music for our Cornwall journey) when K says in a DJ type voice Dear Steve Wright please play Rock with You for wifey and me as we are about to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary and we have had lots of ups and downs and at the moment we are having a particularly good patch so a shout out would be good.  (Anniverary not until October so I suppose he thought now would be a good time as we might have had a fuss in October).  Oh how we laughed.  Cheeky bugger!  Good job I love him lots.


fee @ chipper nelly said...

loving the sharing of funny stories...fee x

My Spotty Pony said...

The image I have of you in bagpuss dressing gown doing your funky chicken is priceless... thanks for making me have such a good laugh to myself this morning :)) x