Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Finished - The Hexi Quilt

Its finished - well actually I do have a few ends to snip off and it could do with a wash - but it's done.  I am really pleased with it and I enjoyed stitching by hand enormously.  Actually I finished about 2 weeks ago but it still didn't seem finished.  It was missing something so at the weekend I decided to crochet a little trim to finish it off and it has worked a treat.  I found the pattern in one of my many Golden Hands magazines from the 70's.  It was an easy trim and was worked and then sewn onto the quilt which is what I wanted.  I only had one small ball of pink 4ply cotton so it made sense to make the trim and sew it on rather than work into the fabric of the quilt and find out I didn't have enough wool.  Here it is.

Crochet edging - I crocheted the majority on the journey to and from Saltaire

Lots and lots of hand stitched hexies

Close up of the trim

The blue and white spotty was from my stash - bought at the car boot last year - I did have to patch it to make it fit.

I hand quilted around all the hexies

I really enjoyed making this project and am proud and amazed that I stuck to it - I am a craft butterfly and often flit from one project to another - so to finish it is a great achievement for me.  The only machine stitching in the quilt was to attach the backing to the front all the rest is hand stitching - not bad for someone who used to sew Brownie badges to sashes with the machine!


Hexie fabric a mix of repurposed clothes, vintage fabric, Cath Kidston, Tanya Whelan and others.  All from stash - oh forgot to say some of the hexie fabrics were courtesy of Louise and about 5 were from Janet Bolton's stash.  Janet taught a workshop at Louise's and I was cheeky and asked if I could have one tiny piece of fabric to make a hexie and she kindly said 'take what you want'.  I took about 5 pieces and incorporated them into the quilt.  

Backing pale blue and white polka dots - from car boot.

Trim Patons 4ply cotton in pink.

No batting - I wasn't sure what to do about batting and decided to go without as I didn't have any in my stash and wanted to keep the cost down.  I am glad I did as quilting has given the piece a lovely texture and it is a really good weight.

Pattern for the trim - very easy but effective - chain 3 then in the first chain do two double crochet (uk terms) repeat until trim is long enough.  

Postie just been more wool and a new craft book - yeah.


My Spotty Pony said...

How much hard work you put in, but what a result... a big pat on the back to you!
Tell Nellie well done for getting through the hard stuff and coming through smiling and looking so lovely for her prom. x

The sewing room said...

Love hexes and l love your quilt a lot of hard work but it is so worth the effort it looks lovely.

Hugs Pat.

Sally said...

Debs it looks sooooo lovely!!! The crochet trim really sets it off beautifully what a good idea so pretty! You put me to shame! (Mine is still WIP). Yours is definitely a family heirloom! Love it. Sal x

Karen said...

What a beautiful quilt - you are so right to be proud. Love that crochet trim - an idea to stash away for the next time. x

Sandie's Patch said...

What a beautiful quilt!
Well done!
Love the crochet edging too.

Sandie xx

LittleGem said...

Oh wow well done you! My hexi quilt is still in (slow) progress! The colours are quite similar - pinks and blues, but I LOVE the crochet edge - now thats something I'll never be able to do! x

MissGinger said...

that is soooo good and the crochet edging just really adds to it. bliming brill! x

Poppy said...

WOW, the quilt is so beautiful! Well done.....I love the edging.

Lou xxx

Mandy said...

It looks amazing Debs! Well

LaaLaa said...

Oooh, I love this! Very pretty. I am just learning how to do hexies and this has given me ideas. xx

Hen said...

This is absolutely beautiful, well done you!
Hen x

andamento said...

I popped over from BoBo Bun to search for your hexie quilt as I've just started making one myself. It looks lovely. Can we have a fully laid out photo please? How big is it? How many hexies did you make and what size hexies did you use. (Sorry for all the questions!)