Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Do you believe in coincidences?  I have experienced quite a few recently and today I have experienced one more and now I have a blog I can write about it and look it up later - how marvelous.  Tonight I needed to phone my mum to see if she needed anything from the local shop.  We have been snowed in now for almost 10 days and mum doesn't go out in the snow/ice as she is afraid of falling etc.  Anyhow I went to phone her using the landline and in semi-darkness.  How clever am I I thought dialling the number without looking!  The phone was answered and I said helloooooo in my usual manner.  Hello was the reply.  Oh I said thats not my mum sorry got the wrong number.  Its Susan (not real name) here the voice said.  Oh that's my mums name I said but you're not my mum.  We both laughed.  The voice sounded vaguely familiar.  Is that Susan who lives in ......... place - not far from me - the sister of W.  Yes she replied.  Well I never it was K's aunty who I have not seen or spoken to in ages.  We had a pleasant chat and catch up and when I asked her what her number was it is only one digit different from my mum's.  She said she was feeling fed up as she had not been out in 2 weeks because of the snow - she has had her hip replaced - and she said that the phone call had really cheered her up.  A lovely coincidence for us both.

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