Saturday, 11 December 2010

Trimmed Up

Three of the five trees are up and looking good.  I didnt realise how many vintage baubles I have collected.  The girls say I have bought lots throughout the year but I can't remember.  We have our largest tree (they are all atificial) in the living room.  Its decorated all in white, silver and clear glass ornaments which have been collected over the years.  I did try and introduce some colour by adding a bit of vintage but NOooooooo was the reply from the girls - it broke with the tradition so I gave in and took them off.  The other two trees are all vintage, all colours and all sizes.  Yum.  Especially my very skinny silver tree.  I love them.  I broke two decorations whilst decorating - much sadness.  The girls and K laughed a lot when I did a sad dance around the room with my head in my hands.  Boo hoo.   My other two trees are on loan to my lovely friend Louise who is the owner maker of the fabulous Hope and Elvis workshop at Welbeck Estate on the outskirts of worksop.  They will be recovered tomorrow as the girls and I are going to the last workshop of the year to make angels and drink hot chocolate and generally have a lovely stitchy, giddy fun and festive time - I can't wait.  Have a look at her website and her course details - they are truly fab - the first time I went I was positively giddy for about a week afterwards.   I will do a post just about that another day. 

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