Monday, 20 December 2010


In my attempt to load photos onto my blog in order to prettify it - in case I should get a VISITOR I very nearly got into a spot of bother.  Well the camera lead I found this morning  - I was excited to have found it - didnt work - its the broken one.  Well I thought I will put the card into the side of the computer.  Here will do - poke - in went the card.  Bother that is not a card reader - it is literally a slot in the side of the computer.  HELP  K's commputer and Nellie's SD card complete with all her photo's and her GCSE photography course work gone.  Poke - it went in a bit further and was not going to come out.  HELP. With the help of K - who shook his head in a - what have you been doing sort of way - and the aid of two of my tiniest vintage crochet hooks the card was retrieved.  I told myself something that I have always told my girl's when they were tiny don't poke things into little holes they will get stuck.  Betty did not listen and got her finger stuck in the bath plug hole and the firemen came etc etc but I will save that for another blog.  Any how SD card out and then K said why dont you just put the card into my work camera and use that to download the photos - that will work - well if only he had said.

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