Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Remember my last post when I couldn't find the camera.  I pointed in the direction of the girl's and K.  I was wrong.  I found the camera yesterday.  It was tucked up nice and cosy in my knitting basket.  So cosy and comfy and well, hidden.  Luckily I had been quite relaxed about the lack of camera.  I did not rant.  I did not stamp or scream and actually I did not search high and low for it.  I did, however, laugh out loud when I found it.  I also chuckled quite a lot when I told Nellie and Belle.  They thought it was highly amusing and Belle did say 'Gosh I really did think it was me'.  Obviously it wasn't.  Well a little late but better than never some photos of Donna Wilson's work at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

This way please

The rug under this little chap's feet was amazing.  He was really rather splendid too.

Donna's art work was really enchanting.  I loved it.  It made me want to get out the paints and have a go. 

Just having a nap!

Looks a little sly - see how far apart his eyes are!

Inuit kisses

Let's make a nest!

I thought I had taken more photo's than this but at least it gives you a taste of Donna's work. 

The Sculpture Park is well worth a visit and I am sure we will be back soon. 


Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Great pics. Glad you found your camera and well done you for staying calm. I would have ranted and raved if it had been me!

Sally said...

Wasn't it good, and isn't the shop good too! Sally x

Diane said...

Its one of my fave places to go - especially if I find myself on my own as I feel safe walking around - and i love the cafe and shop! xxxxxx

fee @ chipper nelly said...

LOVE that place, and cafe, and shop. Glad you found your camera. I've currently lost my marbles...must look in sewing basket....fee x

lemonade kitty said...

She looks like one very tallented lady, I love the little chap having a nap, so glad you found your camera after all it wasn't "lost" you'd merely "missplaced" it!!Lucey x

Kylie said...

I really enjoyed that peek at Donna's work. Love the little fox. You should be proud of yourself for not losing your temper re camera. Well done. The best part, no apologies to your girlies necessary. Mine love it when they prove me wrong!

Carol said...

Glad you found your camera.
It was a great exhibition, I really enjoyed it.
Carol xx