Thursday, 26 January 2012


Just sat down for a quick bloggy catch up and post and BUM can't find the camera.  Those pesky girl's have had it somewhere or K has taken it into school.  Oh well it will have to wait until later.  Having a lovely week this week.  Little bit of working, lots of painting of furniture and doors, seeing nephew, going to Studio today and then coffee with lovely friend tomorrow.  Happy Days!  Will try and post with pictures tonight I would love to share the work of Donna Wilson whose work I admired at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park at the weekend.  Oh Diane think I have solved the picutre problem the setting on the camera was for the highest quality picture and not for blogs or e-mails.  That's why there were lines and it was taking an age for the pictures to download.  Hopefully the next time I try I will have more success.  TTFN.


LSJ said...

Hello, glad you're having a good week, Have a good day tomorrow LSJ x

Diane said...

I saw the lines on your last post but they weren't there before. Let me know when you want to come down, or go to Marrens or what ever.xxxxxx