Sunday, 5 February 2012

January Makes

Hello are you all warm and cosy.? We are.  I was supposed to be helping Louise at the studio today but it was snowed off so I have a snow day. I thought I would catch up with my making in January.  As usual I forgot to take photo's of a few things but hey ho I can tell you about them. 

During January I have made:-

Two coin purses for my nephew H.  His mummy asked me if I would as she had looked for a coin purse for him and said there was nothing for boys.  I duly supplied him with a little purse made out of sail boat fabric.  I made it inbetween helping out at Louise's.  It was a tadge on the small side but H was delighted with it bless him.  I also gave him a cosy made from an old tie for his ipod again he was really pleased. The idea for the cosy was from the Chic on a Shoestring book by Mary Jane Baxter, Milliner and Author.   H's is such a lovely chap and makes me laugh a lot, I make him laugh too although I am not sure if it's because he thinks I'm a little dotty. 

A few old tie pouches I made - although not in January.  I free machined 'old tie' on one just so I didn't forget what I had made it from (joke - in case you thought I really had lost it).  Just right the right size for your mobile phone etc.

A spotty one - I love spots - not on my face though or anywhere else actually. 

Just to remind me.

H's second coin purse made from the sleeve of a old worsted jacket, recycled zip and lining.

It looks wonky in the photo but it's not too bad.  Its better than the first one but I still need to tweek the making a little.  I'm sure he will be happy with it though.  If Miss Kidston reads this - I'm sure she does - please could you make some coin purses for boy's please maybe in the London print or your new soldier print I'm sure they would be very popular.

Here is another 'make'.  It is loosely based on the Shalom cardigan.  I made it in wool bought from Atkinsons Sheffield which was in the sale.  10 balls for £4.99.  It didn't say what yarn it was or weight.  But it looked nice so I bought two packets.  When I searched the net to find out what it was it is Sublime Merino Chunky retailing at £5.20 A BALL.  Wow what a bargain.  I gave a pack to my Mum who actually insisted on paying for it.  We have both since knitted a garmet from the packs with some left over to possiby knit a stripy cardi or jumper.  Mum has popped round several times and we have sat and knitted and chatted.  We have both enjoyed it enormously and Mum really loves the cardi/waistcoat she knitted.  Mum used to knit lots when we were little and growing up and then she knit for her grandchildren but the garmet is the first she has knitted for herself in years and she has found it really enjoyable.  Well done Mum.  We are getting together again tonight for more knitting and nattering as she has bought more wool to make another one.  Yeah. 

I too am really pleased with the end result of my top.  I have already worn it lots and received several compliments.  If anyone wants to know the mods just leave me a comment and I will e-mail them to you as I actually made notes as I went along.

Well I'm going now rugby is on and my post is rather lengthy - don't want to bore you.  Going to pop back more often - I hope.  TTFN

I have just about finished another cardigan so I will post pictures when I have finished it.  Hopefully tomorrow.  I have no supply work booked in, it's snowy so think I will be staying put and knitting with just a little tidy up.  Happy days.


Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

I love your knitted top - gorgeous colour.

Sally said...

What lovely makes Debs! Your shalom looks lovely, I really enjoyed knitting that, it looks great in that colour, and even better that it was a total bargain! Must get MJBs book I bet its got lots of good ideas in it xx

Diane said...

I can just imagine you and your mum sat knitting and nattering - lovely. Do you fancy a cuppa this week? Wednesday would be good for me. Let me know. xxxx

HGP said...

Love my coin purse auntie debs - see yo tomorrow :o) xXx