Sunday, 22 January 2012


Today the Two Bones Gang - lol - went on an outing to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.  As it is only a hop and a skip away from us up the M1 we have been a few times but it was the first time we had ALL been together.  It never disappoints.  It was busy though as it was the last day for one of the exhibitions.   The lit up heads above were huge and a little eerie for my liking.

Sculptures made from lots of letters all welded together these I liked a lot.

This metal curtain was made up of lots of words they were beautiful and made a gentle noise when you ran your hand down them.  I am not sure if the piece of work actually read something as a whole or if it was single words whatever it was wonderful and the shadows it cast were magical.

My new boot toppers.  I am loving boot toppers this is my second pair.  It looks like you have a chunky pair of socks peeping out from the top of your boots but it is just a cuff - marvelous.  I could not fit a thick pair of socks inside my boots to save my life as I have chunky legs so this is a fab way to layer up.  Keep your legs warm too.  They do, however, make your legs look very funny when you take off your boots.  Do you like my boots, Fly boots from my mum as my xmas present.  I love them and have already worn them almost daily since I got them.  They are unbelievably comfy and have not caused me any pain.  I have seriously fussy feet and do have trouble getting shoes that look ok and are comfy.  It's an age thing.  These are perfect.

Huge shirt - there were three of these in a row.  We wanted to climb inside and poke out heads out of the top for funny photos but you couldn't - it would have been fun.

More sculptures I am ashamed to say I can't remember the artists name.  The were super.  

Girl's having fun.

Grown ups having fun too

A little label in a greenhouse there were more but this one appealed most.

We all had a lovely time. had a stroll, had a coffee and cake, called in at Elsecar Heritage Centre on the way home and Wingham Wools which is in Wentworth. 

A perfect way to spend my birthday.  Another year old but probably not any wiser. 

Back tomorrow to share photos of the exhibition of Donna Wilson's work which was also on display.  TTFN.


Jane said...

Happy birthday Sweetie I've been meaning to text you all day. Looks like you've had a fab day. Boot toppers a great idea .... As you know I too have feet issues, mine being a tiny two so double socks in order for me!! When is book club? I can't remember the date or venue. See you soon xx

Carol said...

Happy Birthday. Yorkshire Sculpture Park is great, we went for the very first time last week, really enjoyed the Donna Miller exhibition.
I've been to Wentworth several times but didn't know they had a wool shop! I shall be going.......
Carol xx

Carol said...

Apologies - it was the Donna Wilson exhbition....... it's my age!

Mary Ann said...

Happy Birthday:) I've never been to the YSP but I understand it's members have been. It's a bit of a commute for me though...LOL

Diane said...

I didnt know it was your birthday!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! You'll have to have a belated card. Jaume Plensa is the Sculptor - I have loved that exhibition. We walked around Wentworth when G got up yesterday - I did beg to go in the woolshop, but he put his foot down with a firm hand!!!
Lots of love

Alix said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Looks like a great day out - all the better for the sunshine and cosy legs! I wonder if what wonders Wingham wools had for you?