Saturday, 7 January 2012

RAOK and Rainbows

Yesterday when I got home from work there was a parcel on my step.  I hadn't ordered anything so was a little surprised.  A little note was sticking out of the top and I recognised the writing immediately.  It was from my lovely friend S.  I peeked in and there was a jumper.  Not just any jumper but a spendid mohair jumper with a rainbow on the front and sleeve.  I danced around with it - a lot - and it was admired by the girls.  The youngest two announced that they would share it as they were kind and liked to share.  This morning I tried the jumper on and made the executive decision that it was going to be MINE.  Want to see it?

Thank you very much S -  I LOVE IT and will wear it lots.

Oh rainbow jumper love and it is not itchy.  S told me that she had had it 25 years at least.  By my reckoning that was the height of mohair jumper love.  I used to sit in the staffroom of the Bank I worked in and knit pofusely in mohair as did my colleagues.  We used to send off to the Mills in Wakefield and Bradford and buy mohair in huge quantities.  Ah those were the days.  By the way can you see Dyl all snuggled up on the sofa he is such a lazy pooch.  Also I cannot contain my excitement as I am now the owner of a pair of Levis and I have been pranching around the living room shaking my bootie in my first pair or Levis.  They fit like a dream Betty brought them back from a local retail park and they were the grand sum of £25.  Oh yeah.

My second RAOK was actually the first.  Just before Christmas I met up with Diane as I was working near to where she lived.  We met at a lovely Garden Centre at Wentworth.  We had cake and coffee, we chatted a lot and we had a wonder around.  As we were leaving Diane presented me with a gift all prettily wrapped in a festive bag and tissue paper.  The tag attached said 'You had one wish, you could have wished for George Cloony but you wished for this'.  I must admit I didn't get it at first.  I was naughty and opened the pressie right there and then.  I am normally controlled and place gifts under the tree and this year I was very restrained and didn't even 'feel' my pressies under the tree.  I am a very good guesser of gifts before they are unwrapped so this year I refrained.  The present was so thoughtful and was very generous.  It was a little dolly and Diane had put a little note on her.  It was one of her old dolls and she had made it's little skirt and her mum had crocheted the poncho.  She had it in the 70's and she gave it to me.  How kind is that.  You may now wonder what the wish business was about.  Well Diane is a friend of mine on Facebook and one day before Christmas I had seen a dolly in a charity shop.  I didn't buy her but regretted it.  I do love a vintage dolly and I posted that I had been a good girl and that all I wanted for Christmas was a new 'vintage' dolly.  Diane read it and thought of me and gave me one of her old dollies.  Here she is sat amongst some of my other dollies - she looks right at home doesn't she.

I know my other dolly needs clothes - it's on my to do list.

Such a sweetie and a very much appreciated gift.  Thank you Diane.

Oh just before I go it's sort of a rainbow day all around her at Two Bones.  The girl's are making a rainbow cake.  Very colourful.  They have promised to clean up after themselves.  Think they will - erm probably not.


Oh btw George Cloony or a vintage dolly - vintage dolly everytime.  Sorry Diane but I would probably not recognise George Cloony in the street - true fact. 

Last thing snippet of conversation in our house today.  Nellie 'what are we doing today?' K 'not much just having a chilling out, tidying up, listening to footie on the radio sort of day' Nellie 'oh just remember not to get stressed when we don't jump up and help'.  LOL.

Wonder what happened to the vintage dolly in the Charity Shop - wonder no longer I drove back the next day and bought her.  She will have a post of her own very soon.


Diane said...

She does look so very at home - I imagine when you go to bed, they all come alive and have a huge bitchfest!!! Hope to see you soon - Ive got a full week next week, but let me know what afternoon you are free the week after and you can pop down after work for a cuppa. xxxxx

Diane said...

And given the choice - sorry, but Mr Clooney ALL THE WAY!!!! xxxxxxx

Kylie said...

Hi Debs, I love your rainbow jumper, it's so happy. I would wear it on grumpy days to cheer myself up and how nice of your daughters to share your jumper with you!

Diane's little dolly is gorgeous, she looks quite at home with her friends on your shelf. So lovely and thoughtful of Diane to give it to you.

You are a brave Mum, I would not let my girls lose with all of that food kitchen would be a disaster zone, and let's just
say, their idea of clean and mine are too very different things!

Vintage Jane said...

Love you rainbow jumper - reminds me of a couple I used to have in the 80s and sorely wish I'd kept! Loving your Fly boots too - I have 3 pairs of Fly wedges that are just so comfy ... I'm seriously thinking about getting a fourth pair!
The sculpture park looks interesting - a bit far for us though! We went to one in North Devon last year that was fascinating. M x