Monday, 6 February 2012

Winter Walk

Me and Dyl have been for a little walk.  Lovely fresh air and snowy scenes.  After a morning of pottering, cleaning and painting I got wrapped up and took Dyl over the fields to the canal, around the woods then back up the big hill home.  It was lovely.  Dyl ran his little legs off darting alongside the canal and foraging in the woods. 

The canal was frozen over - it looked really pretty but I was a little worried Dyl might try and run onto it - he didn't actually seem to notice which was good.

I love this bridge No 32 - I think - I decided today to walk over and have a walk through the woods.

Snowy wonderland.

Snowy scenes here I tried to take a photo of the crows on the telephone wires but they were too far away.

I think this was where a badger had been digging.  Dyl liked the smell and spent ages sniffing.

Dylan's paw print

Whoops saw this on the way out of the wood - won't take that route again.

seed heads

so fragile and spindly

A lovely winter walk. 

Just had beans on toast for lunch, done a spot of surfing the net, telly's on and I'm watching Come Home Lassie.  It's an oldy Elizabeth Taylor is in it and she is about 12.  I think i'll shove a stew in the oven in a minute then I think a spot of knitting is in order. 


Liz said...

Sounds like a lovely day!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Diane said...

Snowy winter photos all have a certain look to them Lovely walk. xxxx

Carol said...

What a lovely snowy walk.
Carol xx