Friday, 10 February 2012

Hello Pauline!

I met Pauline yesterday in the Charity Shop.  She was so charming, pretty and original I had to bring her home with me. 

Want to meet her?

Here she is in her original box.  Fifty one Shillings I think that was quite a lot but I'm too young to know for sure - ha ha. 

She is really pretty and very tea rose pink - I know because it says so on the box.

Corsetry at it's best.

Pretty flowers

Tiny deer had to help hold the label down suppose after year's in a box it was a little camera shy.

Size 27"

Made by Desbeau

I am not sure which era she is from 50's or 60's maybe - or maybe not she may be older 

Isn't she pretty,

When I said to Belle meet Pauline and presented her with the box she was aghast 'Oh no Mum not another scary vintage dolly - Belle is not a fan of my vintage dollies'.  She did not really want to make friends with Pauline either.  Oh well you can't win them all and I am fond of her.

Pauline means small and humble and is the feminine form of Paul from the latin Paulinus.  It was at its height of popularity in the early 1900's when it's top spot for popular girl's names was about 33 in the rankings.  

Don't you just love the Internet how did we manage before?

Some of the embrodered linen I got at the same time.

So pretty

This is on a pillowcase and is really fine cross stitch.

Another pretty lady I can't resist a Crinoline - can you?

More haul - tapestry cottage, silky tea cosy and a massive piece of linen fabric which I believe is quite old as it is not very wide - it's so heavy.

A groovy crochet blanket which I grabbed, politely, as soon  as it was put onto the shelf.

So neat and tidy

Close up of the linen it is quite brightly coloured with russet, orange, aqua - very on trend.

I love Charity Shop shopping just need somewhere to put them all now.  Sigh.  Suppose some will be keepers and some might go on Ebay I shall hold on for a while and see how I feel.

Oh I got a Lloyd Loom type linen basket too. 

How much did she spend you must be asking - loads I reply.  £14 for the lot.  Happy Day.  I was giddy.


Diane said...

Where did you go? You got some great bargains. x

Bee happy said...

You always get some great bargins, have a wonderful weekend sweetie :)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

VintageVicki said...

I remember my Grandma owning corsets like that - must have been uncomfy to wear.

Love the rest of your haul - a bargain :)

Nicola B said...

Lovely stuff Debs....that corset will be worth a fortune!! So pretty too!!x
I too love Charity shop shopping....tis the future!

Love Nicola x

fee @ chipper nelly said...

lovely post Debs - and what booty!
Loving that corset also - right up my street (maybe a good few inches larger!)
happy weekend to you
fee x

Jooles said...

i am so impressed...i am rubbish in charity shops, i must try harder!
you got some gorgeous treasure
thank you for your sweet comment x
happy weekend
love jooles x

Daisy said...

What a lovely colour. I think it would look fab over a pair of jeans!!! Can you imagine having to wear one everyday? :( Great find though and the box. I love just love old boxes. Well done on the textile finds too. Lucky girlie. xxx

Kylie said...

That was a good day!
It was very nice to meet Pauline too btw (I'm just glad I'll never have to wear her, she looks a tad painful!)

Carol said...

What an excellent haul. A lot of charity shops are charging silly prices so you did really well.
Have a lovely weekend.
Carol xx

bellaboo said...

Our charity shops have sadly been a bit lacking in vintage goodies just recently.Your haul is amazing...I need that corset after all the cookies I've been scoffing!

Vintage Jane said...

I want to come to your charity shops!! I LOVE that corset ... let me know if you decide to list it on Ebay! M x

Anonymous said...

Pauline is mine! I adore her and she fits like a second skin. I wonder how she made her way to the Nichols Building in Sheffield.