Thursday, 22 December 2011

A Mothers Love

I bought these today.  The ladies in the CS thought I was quite mad.  I could tell.  They looked at me and smirked but not in a rude way.  I told them I loved a spindly tree.  The spindlier the better.  One lady said 'it will show off the baubles won't it'.  It most certainly does.  They also told me the gentleman who brought them in said they were over 60 years old.  I bet they could tell a tale or two, don't you.  When I brought them into the house the girl's declared they were trees only a mother could love.  Well this mother loves them - do you?

Look at it's spindly glory some of the branches are so puny they can't take the weight of even a teeny tiny bauble.  I had to rob some of the baubles from the other trees. (Yep I have a few). Good excuse to buy some more!

This one is even spindlier and someone has given it a light frosting of emulsion.  This is on my kitchen window bottom with just two glass birds and a plastic star on it.  Beautiful.

Oh Christmas Tree how skinny are your branches!

Oh I got this today too - it's plastic and quite tacky and was 10p

Merry Kitschmas.

Will continue with LND I just couldn't wait to post these. 

Washers beeping gotta go - oh how exciting is my life!


Mandy said...

I love the trees! I have a similar one I found last year. I had the exact same one as a child so had to buy it. When I took it home the girls looked at me with such pity and couldn't believe a) that I had paid money for it or b) that I was actually going to put it where people could see it! It is sitting in pride of place again this year and it makes me smile everytime I look at it.
Merry Christmas Debs and thanks for sharing.

Kylie said...

Those trees are...awesome. There is no doubt about it. And I love kitschy Mary and baby Jesus x

VintageVicki said...

You've got to have a bit kitsch at christmas and those trees & dec fit the bill nicely :)

Merry Christmas xxx

Jane said...

Debs ....What can I say!!

Merry Christmas to you all xx Jane

Bee happy said...

The trees are so cute!! good buy and the ornament for 10p, I am impressed :) have a wonderful christmas :)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Diane said...

Was it the washer beeping, or the door bell ringing? I'm sure little men in white coats in a green van were heading your way! You know the house by the canal on the way to Shireoakes ??? Is he related?? When I used to work in "the proper office" in the 80's, our office tree was made out of dyed birds feathers. It used to freak me out! I love Mary and Baby Jesus. xxxxxx

Carol said...

Not sure about the emulsion tree but I'd give the first spindle a home.
Carol xx

lemonade kitty said...

Love your trees they certainly don't make them like that anymore, more's the pity. Merry christmas, Lucey x

A Treasured Past said...

Love love love your trees!