Thursday, 22 December 2011


K, myself and the girls have been to London for two days. Gosh we packed a lot into those two days.  Firstly we had a quick mooch around Oxford Street.  Surprisingly it wasn't too busy.  We grabbed a few little bargains for stocking fillers and then headed off to the National Gallery.  A little while ago K had booked tickets for us to see the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition.  I really didn't know what to expect and for myself I was a little disappointed.  It was busy with a queue around the Gallery to see the sketches.  It was also hot and quite dark.  As I am not an art critic and as I really didn't know much about the exhibition I was surprised by how few of the paintings were actually by 'The Man' but apparently he didn't start that many paintings and finished even fewer.  The sketches however were amazing.  Betty had the same opinion as me but luckily Nellie, Belle and K thought it fab.  Oh well it takes all sorts.  We stopped for a bite to eat in the Cafe in the Gallery which is reasonable and tasty.  A whistle stop walk down Brick Lane and Spittlefields then it was time for us Girlies to go to the Palladium to see the Wizard of Oz and K to shoot off to Hammersmith to see the Crisis at Christmas concert. 

The Palladium, Argyle Street, London

I haven't been to a Show in London for years and for the girl's it was their first time.  We were not disappointed the show was fabulous with amazing special effects and the cutest Toto ever.  He/she was the star of the show.  Now as I said it is a long time since I went to the Theatre in London and I know times have changed ie. you don't have to put on your posh clothes.  What did surprise me was the number of people eating sarnis etc.  One chap was even eating his Burger King in a Theatre oh my goodness what happened to a bag of Revills, Malteasers or Wine Gums. We dined in style at Maccie D's whilst waiting for K to accompany us back to our Hotel 'read Travel Lodge'.  Will post later the rest of out trip as I have so much to do and really need to go do it.  TTFN 


Sally said...

Maddie is dying to see The Wizard of Oz, sounds fab! Have a lovely time, Sal x

Kylie said...

The next big here is Mary Poppins. Next year. I'm taking my girls. I was really sorry that we missed Wizard of Oz when it was touring.
People still get dressed up to go to the theatre here and you would never see anyone eating more than a lolly or chocolate during a performance.
Glad you had such a nice time with your girls x

Diane said...

Bad theatre etiquette irratates me beyond belief!! So glad you had a great time. xxx

Alix said...

A lovely family outing to get you in the mood for Christmas!