Saturday, 24 December 2011

From all of us

to all of you 

My beloved silver Angel Wire American tree oh and if you look closely my lovely silver grey Ikea clothes drier

funny fairly pipe cleaner thing and a toadstool bauble

my CB or CS goodies


Vintage cards, my old snowman toby jug and my homemade blanket wreath with vintage snowflake brooch


more toadstools and pixies

my fireplace

a grumpy toadstool pixie gnome kinda thing

festive antelopes (out of the skip)

and a very chunky 70's festive rhino - k loves this - also from the skip

a very


ps. Diane could I pretty please have up load lessons my photos are rubbish and liney.


Carol said...

Happy Christmas to you and yours. Great decorations, I love my little silver tree too.
Carol xx

Diane said...

Hope you had a god 'en Debs. Your photos look ok from here - are you sure its not your laptop? xxxxxx

Diane said...

No, theres no lines on your photos whatsoever! xx