Friday, 23 December 2011


On the morning of our second day we stopped here for breakfast.

It really is.

Just a short walk from the Travel Lodge and on the way to the tube at Stonebridge Park.  By the way the Travel Lodge was an extortinate £19 for four of us.  BARGAIN. 

Part of the counter filled with alsorts of interesting stuff.

K browsing at the bikes (inside).

Nice tank

Sausage and Egg butties and tea good start to the day.

From here we went into China Town at the girl's request.  They love all the little shops selling all the various bits and bobs.  They also know of a shop selling American sweets, Pop Tarts, Koolaid and Nerds.  We had a lovely stroll around made a few purchases and did a bit of window shopping.  The cakes were amazing in the Bakeries.

Strawberry Froggy Monster Cake anyone.  I would be delighted to receive this in my stocking.

Lilac Lovely - ah Belle used to say garlic for lilac when she was little just remebered.

Snowy Merry Christmas Cake simply marvelous.

Straight from China Town to John Lewis it was my turn to browse the haby dept.  It was good but I was so overwhelmed by the choice I didnt buy anything.  Never mind I enjoyed the looking.

The giant toadstools were amazing. 

Look at the detail on the underside.  Lots of different beige/white/cream quilting fabrics.  I would have loved to bring one home.

After JL we trooped off to our favourite shop Liberty.  We all split up to look around our favourite places then we had a mooch around Carnaby Street before making our way home. 

A great time was had by all.


LSJ said...

Nicey cakey bun

When me & H went to the Panto on Wednesday we spotted an American sweet shop on Chapel Walk, we were pushed for time so couldn't have a good look.

Diane said...

I'll have to plan a trip next year - it all looks lovely xxxx