Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Dyl the Dane

Just a  pictures to make you smile.  Dyl had fun in the dressing up box tonight and decided to be a Viking.

Last nights funny.

Nellie 'mum you know that funny bug that was in the bathroom yesterday I searched for it for ages but I couldn't find it' (Nellie hates bugs of any description and likes to know where they are)

Me 'Oh did you love it probably flew out of the window' (code for - I have no idea where it might be now but I am not going to tell you that or you will spend ages looking for it)

Nellie - No Mum, I Googled it, I was trying to find out what species it was!!!

Me - Doh!!!


fee @ chipper nelly said...

hello lovely! nice to be back in blogland, I've missed my blogging pals!
loving your new banner/background BTW, need to change mine again but it's such a challenge for my tiny brain.
Thanks for popping over - hope your girls are all safely back at school and you are enjoying the peace. I had a lovely day to myself - and they've all come home exhausted- hooray.
fee x

Diane said...

She should have photographed it like I do, then put it on your blog. Theres always several bloggers who always give me the answers! See you Sunday if you are still going xxx

My Spotty Pony said...

Love the picture, Nellie's comment and your answer... so funny.
Loving your new header too :)

helen tilston said...

Never assume what a child is telling you! ha ha.
Helen xx