Sunday, 11 September 2011

A Perfect Day

Ahh I have had such a lovely, lovely day today at WORK.  Don't gasp I am fortunate to work, occasionally ,with my friend and very talented textile artist Louise Presley who is the proprietor of  Today was a tweed bag workshop where you take a man's tweed jacket and with a little bit of magic, a few tweeks, a little imagination, vintage buttons, ribbons, lace etc you end up with a fabulous TA DAH moment when you have made a bag - all by your own (as one little one once said to me whilst working at my proper job as a Nursery Nurse).  Today was a little different for me though as I met a bloggy friend who I have been wanting to meet for a looooooong time (actually there were several bloggers there and it was a pleasure to meet them all).  But today I met Diane. We had good fun having a chat 'in real life' I wasn't surprised when we got on and had a good old natter about this and that.  I also met Diane's friend Nic who was equally lovely and chatty and good fun.  What a small world it is Diane know's someone I worked with in a school and Nic knows friends of mine that I have known for years, she lived close by them when she was little.  Spooky.  I also met Wend of and Lyn of - nice to meet you ladies. 

I didn't take any photo's of today's makes but Louise will be posting photos on her facebook page which you can access via her website - you don't have to have a facebook account to take a peek. 

What I did take photos of though was this.

A present from Diane.  An unexpected lovely present - just because.

Want to see what was in it?


A very pretty heart

A floral corsage with tiny beads in the middle - hands off Belle - she has already eyed it up saying it would look pretty on her hair.  It would look pretty but IT'S MINE.

Mermaid glass and sea worn pebbles and china.  Beautiful - also eyed up by Belle.

Beautiful dingle dangle ear-rings.

I also received a lollypop and some beauty products.

How very generous - thank you very much indeed.

I also received a little gift from K.  Another just because.  Want to see?

A newshiny thimble with a twist.

It's for a giant - lol.

Next to a regular sized one.  It made me laugh a lot - it is Pewter and Made in Sheffield - I like it lots.

Phew long post.  Going to sign off now as I am about to drop.  Since I got in I have put away lots of ironing, changed the bed, washed pots and made a crumble so I am now fit for nothing.  Have to be up early tomorrow - 10 hour shift to do at Nursery.  Double phew.  Night Night.


Diane said...

It really was a perfect day - loved every minute of it!!! I am posting about it tomorrow, but I showed my hubby the photos - and he thought the you were me!!! Its amazing how much we all have in common, and how small a world it is.
PS The Max Factor freebie is part of a trial I am doing, and I need a bit of feedback about it from you - don't use too much though as it made me look like a ghost! See you soon my friend. xxxPPS You really are quiet sane!

WinnibriggsHouse said...

Sounds like you had a really fun day. I too have met some blogger friends and it was just as if we had known each other for ages. Have 'chatted' to Diane too, what a small world.
Love your gifts, how thoughtful!

fee @ chipper nelly said...

meeting blogging friends you say? I'm not sure I'd be brave enough! (I reckon I'm far less interesting in real life!!!)
(and my photo is starting to look like my younger sister...)
Did you know Cleggy does loads of work with nurserys? ( Sorry to shamelessly send you in his direction but i hear his blog is interesting!
I'm off to bed before any more of my fave bloggers posts!
fee x

Nic B said...

Hi Debs
Thanks for all your help yesterday...had a great my bag.....used it already this morning for tye school run!!!
Lovely to meet you again!!
Nic x

Hope and Elvis said...

Aye up missus, thank you for all you hard work, cups of tea and laughs. Your the best work buddy and mate. Have a good week at "proper work" x

Lyn said...

Hello Debs, lovely day in great company it was so nice to meet you and thanks for all your help!
Lyn (ooops not My everyday life but I am sure that is a lovely blog too!!!!)

Ticking stripes said...

Debs - thank you for all your help on Sunday. It was lovely to meet everyone and I had a great time - as ever. Went out last night and my sister in law asked where I got my bag from!

Juliab said...

Wow, that giant thimble is amazing. Do you know where it is from? I am just trying to think what I would keep in it. Buttons, safety pins, snipped off bits of thread? You were very lucky to get so many lovely gifts. x

lemonade kitty said...

You must be a realy lovely friend to get so many gifts. How lovely to make a bag from a tweed jacket oh my imagination is on overtime!! Lucey x