Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Lamp Light

Whilst on holiday in Cornwall I bought a lamp stand and shade to 'do up'.  I painted the lamp base with Annie Sloan paint in Paris Grey and then pondered what to do with the shade.  As usual I forgot to do a before photo. The lamp base was dark wood and the shade a coolie style.  I decided the shade wasn't quite right and when I got home I searched various charity shops until I found one in the right shade.  It cost me a whole 50p.  The base cost £1.  As I was deciding how to cover the new shade I thought I would take photos as I went along and do a tutorial of sorts.  So here goes:-

One shade with yukky trim

Old yellow glue and bad fringing

I prised the fabric from the shade it took some doing.

A naked shade

I removed all the trim 

along with bows and fringing

the shade was made from two parts so I carefully unpicked the side seams

I used some vintage barkcloth fabric and cut out the pattern on the bias for stretch when I make up the shade

I didn't cut out the scallops - too tricky.  Then I hand stitched the two pieces together.  I fitted it onto the shade and it was a little baggy so I took one side seam in.  I then carefully stretched the fabric down the shade and hand stitched the top of the fabric to the shade.

I then pinned and stretched the bottom edge of the fabric so I could hand stitch it.

pin and stretch

stretch and pin - few ouches

I then stitched tiny stitches to attach the fabric to the frame

This is how it looked when it was all stitched up

tiny stitches

I trimmed away the excess fabric

Ta Dah - one super grannytastic revamped lamp - ready for the dark evenings.

How pleased was I - very - I might add a bobble trim or some ric-rac around the bottom - I will wait and see how I feel about it in a few days.

Lamp light

Well not yet it's not got a plug yet or a bulb but they are only minor details. 

Total cost - Lamp base £1 - Charity Shop

Shade - 50p - Charity Shop

Barkcloth - £1 - Car Boot

Bargain and it only took me one evening to do.  

Please note this is probably not the best/correct way to refurb a lampshade and it probably doesn't meet Health and Safety regs - although K has just said that he thinks it will be fine with a low watt bulb.

Just for your information Lamp Light by David Essex was the first single K bought.  


Carol said...

Beautiful, really like this, it looks perfect without any trims. Your tutorial was very good too. Thank you.
Carol xx

Diane said...

You need some zip up slipper boottees and a pack of werthers originals to go with that one Granny Deb!!! Me and my sis used to go and see David Essex every year at the city hall. We even got to have a drink and a chat with him afterwards in the Grosvenor Hotel. I think he was just sleazing after young girls though! I remember his "story" being serialised in "Jackie"!!! xxxxx

Diane said...

PS Carol (above) popped in to say hello on my stall the other week. She is a lovely lady. xx

MissGinger said...

I am soooo impressed. i bought one ages ago (over a year) and it is still waiting to be done. Yours looks lovely. xx

Bee said...

You put me to shame, loving your grannytastic lamp!!

I so wish I could put my mind to doing little projects like that but I don't, I have a sewing machine so I should....might have to drag my sweet mumma to help me, she's a queen with the machine (that's what I call her)

Bee xxxxxxxxxxxx

Kia said...

Thats beautiful!!
And so clever!!!

My Spotty Pony said...

Watch out Kirstie Allsopp!...
'Debbs Homemade Home' sounds much better :)
Oooooo thoughts of David Essex when he was younger. I had his poster up on my wall and nearly fell off the balcony when I saw him at Newcastle City Hall... happy days! Ax

Annie said...

Brilliant. I think maybe I should cheer up a few shades here in a similar way!

Just Original said...

Great what you have done with the lampshade, my sister is looking at doing one so will pass her your blog name!

great blog

Vanessa x

fee @ chipper nelly said...

you are so clever - it's just the sort of thing I would have a go at and completely ruin!
have a happy weekend
fee c

SarahB said...

Love the lamp makeover!! Your blog looks just my cup of tea, will become a follower!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I've ordered the book you suggested from the library.

kind regards,

S x

Jane said...

Hi Debs it's now the 25th come on you're slipping, you know I like to start my day reading your blog x Jane

Nic B said...

How lovely!!! Hope you are well, I've dusted down the sewing machine this evening!!