Sunday, 7 August 2011

London Two

Here is the next batch of photographs to document our two day trip to London.

A tradition market barrow - the owner said I could jump on board for a photo - I declined - I did ask if we could borrow it so K could drag me around London on it in a very stylish manner - he laughed and declined.

Outside Oxo Tower

New very swish apartments just outside Tate Modern

Across the river

A boat in a wall - around the back of Oxo Towers

More views

Oxo Tower

Then on to the South Bank - the day after the Vintage Fair.  The Beach Huts were fab. I didn't get a photo of the outside and these photos were taken through perspex so are not the best - hope you like them.

A spotty cossie  - lovely.

A rouched number

A close up of the spotty one 

A pair of ladies enjoying their holiday - wonder what bathing attire they wore?

Inside the traditional Beach Hut - I could have moved in straight away.  I was surprised how big it seamed inside - the photos were taken through chicken wire so they are a little blurred.

Look at the essential item - the Needlecraft Magazines - I have always taken a sewing/knitting/crochet project on holiday so this really appealed to me.

Well that's all folks.  

We had a super , super time just the two of us, very busy but relaxed, doing as we pleased, pottering and pondering.  

Thanks K it was faberoony.

Looking forward to Cornwall in two weeks time - we have only just booked it and we have persuaded The Nannie (Chipper Nellie - yes I stole that phrase from you I love it when you refer to your mum as 'The Granny - so I have unashamedly stolen it) to come along for the ride.  She initially said 'no thank you' she said it was our holiday for our family 'I think when I got a little tearful and said 'but you are my family too' that she had a rethink and has said 'yes'.  I am so pleased, Mum hasn't been to Cornwall since I was about 14/15 (yes that's a long time ago) so we can't wait to show her all our favourite places.  When she asked what she should pack my reply was 'your cheque book' followed by hoots of laughter and me saying about 500 times 'mum I am kidding, you do know i'm kidding don't you'.  My mum;s reply 'I am good now you know I know how to use my card and that's what I will do'.  

Have I told you how proud I am of my mum.  Since Dad died she has been fabulous.  Her moto is 'I can sit in and be miserable and tell people I am fed up or I can go out put a smile on my face and make the best of what I have got' - I don't think she knows just how much that means to us.  

Going now as I am getting a bit tearful - time for a smile.



fee @ chipper nelly said...

love that you've stolen that name...I'm perfectly sure that there is only one nannie!!!

Love that you told her to bring her cheque book (on every level)

My Mum (also widowed) is in Prague by herself at the moment - whenever we think we are less than strong we should look to these amazing mothers and know that we have good genes!

enjoy Cornwall
fee x
(thinking bathing suits should still look exactly like that. mine would be the red polka dot one please)

Anonymous said...

lovely photo's, H hasn't seen the jack sparrow one yet (he's a busy boy), but I know that he will love it.

Glad you had a good time in the big smoke.

I'll try to pop round later, when the tears have stopped - our Mum's fab, she can teach us young ones a thing or two.


Vintage Jane said...

Love your London photos from both posts. I never tire of visiting our great capital. Fab swimmers!

M x