Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Little Bit More

of our Cornish holiday.  I should live here because it is in St Ives which I love and because I don't drink.  It's true I very rarely drink alcohol.  One glass or two of wine and I feel sick think it's something to do with drinking to excess as a teenager.  The other reason is I become far too truthful when I have had a drink - honesty is NOT always the best policy.

BBQ on the beach - yum.

The path to Church Cove a great little beach with a tiny old Church by the side.

We wondered up the church path and went into the Church - as we do each time we visit.  It is really old and rather run down but still used and obviously loved by people from all over the world.  I know this by reading both the comments in the visitors book at the back of the church and the book that is always at the alter for people to write in to remember people they have loved and lost or to say special prayers for those in need.  Very moving indeed.  Me and Mum shed a little private tear as I wrote a piece for my Dad. Mum was enthralled by it as she didn't expect there to be a Church at Church Cove.  It was her favourite place.

I always have a stroll around the grave yard and I am always drawn to this grave.  It is the grave of a 12 year old boy who was evacutated to Cornwall in the war and he was killed, along wth a friend, whilst playing on the beach by a mine.  His parents were killed in the Blitz in London and are also remembered here.  Very moving indeed. 

Well its night nights time now - still more to post - will be back soon.

A pesky seagul in St Ives - they love to pinch your chips.


My Spotty Pony said...

Love the street sign... my husband should live in Toomuchbeer Street!
I always look at old graves when visiting a Church, it really is very moving reading them. So sad about the 12 year old boy and his friend.
Visitors to our 12thC village Church often write in the prayers book about their loved ones that are ill or have passed away. The Rector of the parish will always makes sure prayers are said. I hope you and your Mum took some comfort from writing a piece for your Dad in Church Cove.
Looking forward to the next holiday instalment post.(Not had a proper holiday this year, so am making the most of everyone elses adventures!)Ax

Vintage Jane said...

Finally managing to catch up with my blog reading. Really enjoyed reading all about your holiday. AND, love the bag you made in your previous post - gorgeous, witty fabric! M x

MissGinger said...

weirdly i love a grave yard too. I am always drawn in when i am visiting a different place. xx