Monday, 27 February 2012

I Love Tea Wagon Tales

I was a lucky old girl this week as I won the giveaway over at  Was I excited.  Erm yes, very.  At first I thought it was the beautiful postcards that I had won but when I re-visited the blog to have a closer look at the postcards I realised I had won vintage fabric and vintage wallpaper as well.  Yipee.  I was so giddy that Betty thought I might wee.  I didn't just in case you wondered.  They arrived today and in 'real life' they are even more beautiful that on the blog.

Mine too

I'm sure I had this wallpaper on my bedroom wall when I was first married Laura Ashley I believe it makes a lovely envelope.  

So cute.

Love, love, love the vintage paper and I have a project or two lined up already.

See that's where you can get it from take a look I know you want to.


My heart skips a beat for a vintage sheet - not arf.

I have a few vintage groovy sheets in my stash so I can feel a little bit of quilting coming on.


Jane thank you so much I LOVE TEA WAGON TALES and will be visiting your shop right now.

Thank you, thank you, thank you

Saturday, 25 February 2012

A Saturday in Scarborough

We decided to have a day trip to Scarborough today as we haven't been to the coast for ages.  It was lovely.  K, Nellie and I decided to go.  Belle was going to the Cinema with her friends and Betty was working early evening so couldn't come with us.

We had a quick look around the charity shops at the top of town first of all.

Then we made our way to the North Bay where we had fish and chips on Marine Drive looking out to sea.  We always do this it is a Two Bones family tradition.  Parking was free which was a bonus.  It was quite busy lots of people walking along the prom and surf was up so there were quite a lot of surfers in the sea.

Yum - don't tell fat club will you - please!

Big climb up the cliff - you can see the castle in the background.

View across North Bay you can just make out the brightly coloured beach huts.

Pretty rows of hotels

View across town

Anne Bronte's grave

Lots of the grave stones were really old and worn. 

What can I say!

Another hill top shot - if you haven't been Scarborough is very hilly.

This is Lavender-lu's gorgeous shop which is situated underneath the market.  The owner makes the most beautiful lavender dolls the one in the photo is enormous.

A pixie in a house which I got from the Air Ambulance stall in the market 25p.  I just love a good pixie product.

A cute cottage salt pot which I am going to use as an incense burner which I paid 50p for.  So pretty.

Well I am going to go now as I am working tomorrow at Hope and Elvis and I have a few things to sort out tonight.  I am trying to post more often but I am finding it tricky to fit everything in.  It's not that I don't want to or don't have anything to post about I just can't fit it all in the the moment.  Suppose it's better than being bored.  Speak soon.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Hello Pauline!

I met Pauline yesterday in the Charity Shop.  She was so charming, pretty and original I had to bring her home with me. 

Want to meet her?

Here she is in her original box.  Fifty one Shillings I think that was quite a lot but I'm too young to know for sure - ha ha. 

She is really pretty and very tea rose pink - I know because it says so on the box.

Corsetry at it's best.

Pretty flowers

Tiny deer had to help hold the label down suppose after year's in a box it was a little camera shy.

Size 27"

Made by Desbeau

I am not sure which era she is from 50's or 60's maybe - or maybe not she may be older 

Isn't she pretty,

When I said to Belle meet Pauline and presented her with the box she was aghast 'Oh no Mum not another scary vintage dolly - Belle is not a fan of my vintage dollies'.  She did not really want to make friends with Pauline either.  Oh well you can't win them all and I am fond of her.

Pauline means small and humble and is the feminine form of Paul from the latin Paulinus.  It was at its height of popularity in the early 1900's when it's top spot for popular girl's names was about 33 in the rankings.  

Don't you just love the Internet how did we manage before?

Some of the embrodered linen I got at the same time.

So pretty

This is on a pillowcase and is really fine cross stitch.

Another pretty lady I can't resist a Crinoline - can you?

More haul - tapestry cottage, silky tea cosy and a massive piece of linen fabric which I believe is quite old as it is not very wide - it's so heavy.

A groovy crochet blanket which I grabbed, politely, as soon  as it was put onto the shelf.

So neat and tidy

Close up of the linen it is quite brightly coloured with russet, orange, aqua - very on trend.

I love Charity Shop shopping just need somewhere to put them all now.  Sigh.  Suppose some will be keepers and some might go on Ebay I shall hold on for a while and see how I feel.

Oh I got a Lloyd Loom type linen basket too. 

How much did she spend you must be asking - loads I reply.  £14 for the lot.  Happy Day.  I was giddy.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

In the Dog House

Dear Dylan

We are so sorry that we ALL forgot that it was your birthday yesterday.  I know that you had a lovely day as we went for a really long walk and you had lots of fun playing in the snow, rolling in fox pooh and chasing pheasants.  Hope you can forgive us.  Thank you for being with us for the past five years providing us with endless amounts of fun, love and entertainment here's to many more.

Happy Birthday Cupcake

Love your very forgetful family


PS. Dyl the dog was not harmed in the taking of this photo and he was supplied with copious amounts of cuddles and gravy bones.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Winter Walk

Me and Dyl have been for a little walk.  Lovely fresh air and snowy scenes.  After a morning of pottering, cleaning and painting I got wrapped up and took Dyl over the fields to the canal, around the woods then back up the big hill home.  It was lovely.  Dyl ran his little legs off darting alongside the canal and foraging in the woods. 

The canal was frozen over - it looked really pretty but I was a little worried Dyl might try and run onto it - he didn't actually seem to notice which was good.

I love this bridge No 32 - I think - I decided today to walk over and have a walk through the woods.

Snowy wonderland.

Snowy scenes here I tried to take a photo of the crows on the telephone wires but they were too far away.

I think this was where a badger had been digging.  Dyl liked the smell and spent ages sniffing.

Dylan's paw print

Whoops saw this on the way out of the wood - won't take that route again.

seed heads

so fragile and spindly

A lovely winter walk. 

Just had beans on toast for lunch, done a spot of surfing the net, telly's on and I'm watching Come Home Lassie.  It's an oldy Elizabeth Taylor is in it and she is about 12.  I think i'll shove a stew in the oven in a minute then I think a spot of knitting is in order. 

Sunday, 5 February 2012

January Makes

Hello are you all warm and cosy.? We are.  I was supposed to be helping Louise at the studio today but it was snowed off so I have a snow day. I thought I would catch up with my making in January.  As usual I forgot to take photo's of a few things but hey ho I can tell you about them. 

During January I have made:-

Two coin purses for my nephew H.  His mummy asked me if I would as she had looked for a coin purse for him and said there was nothing for boys.  I duly supplied him with a little purse made out of sail boat fabric.  I made it inbetween helping out at Louise's.  It was a tadge on the small side but H was delighted with it bless him.  I also gave him a cosy made from an old tie for his ipod again he was really pleased. The idea for the cosy was from the Chic on a Shoestring book by Mary Jane Baxter, Milliner and Author.   H's is such a lovely chap and makes me laugh a lot, I make him laugh too although I am not sure if it's because he thinks I'm a little dotty. 

A few old tie pouches I made - although not in January.  I free machined 'old tie' on one just so I didn't forget what I had made it from (joke - in case you thought I really had lost it).  Just right the right size for your mobile phone etc.

A spotty one - I love spots - not on my face though or anywhere else actually. 

Just to remind me.

H's second coin purse made from the sleeve of a old worsted jacket, recycled zip and lining.

It looks wonky in the photo but it's not too bad.  Its better than the first one but I still need to tweek the making a little.  I'm sure he will be happy with it though.  If Miss Kidston reads this - I'm sure she does - please could you make some coin purses for boy's please maybe in the London print or your new soldier print I'm sure they would be very popular.

Here is another 'make'.  It is loosely based on the Shalom cardigan.  I made it in wool bought from Atkinsons Sheffield which was in the sale.  10 balls for £4.99.  It didn't say what yarn it was or weight.  But it looked nice so I bought two packets.  When I searched the net to find out what it was it is Sublime Merino Chunky retailing at £5.20 A BALL.  Wow what a bargain.  I gave a pack to my Mum who actually insisted on paying for it.  We have both since knitted a garmet from the packs with some left over to possiby knit a stripy cardi or jumper.  Mum has popped round several times and we have sat and knitted and chatted.  We have both enjoyed it enormously and Mum really loves the cardi/waistcoat she knitted.  Mum used to knit lots when we were little and growing up and then she knit for her grandchildren but the garmet is the first she has knitted for herself in years and she has found it really enjoyable.  Well done Mum.  We are getting together again tonight for more knitting and nattering as she has bought more wool to make another one.  Yeah. 

I too am really pleased with the end result of my top.  I have already worn it lots and received several compliments.  If anyone wants to know the mods just leave me a comment and I will e-mail them to you as I actually made notes as I went along.

Well I'm going now rugby is on and my post is rather lengthy - don't want to bore you.  Going to pop back more often - I hope.  TTFN

I have just about finished another cardigan so I will post pictures when I have finished it.  Hopefully tomorrow.  I have no supply work booked in, it's snowy so think I will be staying put and knitting with just a little tidy up.  Happy days.