Saturday, 12 November 2011

Two Girls one Boy and a Dog

went for a lovely walk on a beautifully sunny morning.

two girls spotty and stripy

all wrapped up - i didn't need to be it was really quite warm

K looking good in his gaitors - it was really muddy

Dylan what have you got? A bone or a twig - what is it?

A Barbie leg - yuk - how did it get there - oh yes it did have a foot until Dyl got it.  He promptly ran off and hid it under some bushes we tricked him though and went a different way home. 

over the bridge - trit trot

skinny paths

not mushroom around here - random mushroom nailed to a tree - because!

Kennels - no thanks said Dyl - this is the road way home.  It is a hill and really quite steep.  Named because the Duke of Leeds had the kennels for his hounds around here.  His large country house was also nearby at Kiveton although it is long gone.

We had a lovely walk all on foot from our doorstep to the fields takes around 5 minutes we really should do it more often.


Diane said...

Lovely walk - wasn't it warm! I'm hoping we can meet up before Christmas for a walk with Dylan. We could bring the hubby's too. Was it the Juniors or Infants you were at the other day? xxxx

Annie @ knitsofacto said...

That does look like a lovely walk. I know what you mean about the mud ... it's knee deep (okay, slight exaggeration there) in North Wales at the moment, but still really warm for November, if wet!

And eugh, Dylan, a Barbie leg, what next!

Diane said...

I am husbandless this coming Saturday and Sunday. Do you fancy a bloggy date on either of these days? If so , let me know.

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog. I've just had a good rummage around yours and am liking what I see. Adore Dylan's little crocheted coat in a previous post.

I nearly squealed with excitement when I saw your button necklace tutorial. So pleased I found it! I will be copying!

Jane said...

Hi Debs, My lovely walk has just been taken over by SHEEP!! The farmer has put over 100 in the field next to us surrounded by an electric fence. (Think they are there til spring) 11 days til NEC can't wait
x Jane x