Saturday, 5 November 2011

Saturday Sundae

A few weeks ago we happened to have a glorious sunny day.  The girl's asked if we could nip to Clumber Park for an evening picnic to take advantage of the weather.  Well of course we obliged and as we hadn't any picnic food in the house we stopped at Sainsbury's on the way.  The only item we took with us was ice cream sundae glasses that we had acquired at a local car boot that day and some spoons and a flask of coffee.  Here's what we ended up with.

Yum ice cream, brownies, shortbread, sprinkles.

Ah a little portion of fresh fruit

Voila one huge monster ice cream sundae

With a strawberry, spinkles and squirty cream on top.

Happy times

Happy faces

It was a great evening, the dog had a run around, we laughed and chatted and enjoyed our Saturday Sundae very much!

The girl's will be happy now I have posted this they had asked me numerous times if I have 'Saturday Sundaed yet' now I have.  Have a good weekend.  We are having a family bonfire tea.  Chilli, jackets, hot dogs, caramel apple pie (thank you Nellie), parkin etc.  Yum again. 


Diane said...

That Sainsbury's is handily placed for when you want to picnic at Clumber but have no Picnic food - done that plenty of times myself, but not with as much flair and style as yourself!!! xxxxxx

helen tilston said...

What a fun and memorable evening.