Wednesday, 16 November 2011


- no not that kind.  The James C Brett kind. 

When I was in St Ives I popped into the lovely little wool shop down by the sea front.  The House of Bartlett is tucked way down a tiny arcade off Wharf Road.  It really is worth a little trip just to delight in all its glorious wooliness.  Kay is really friendly and was delighteddwhen I popped back to show her my finished item. 

I made the scarf using just two balls of Passion which is a chunky wool with a 70/30 acrylic wool mix.  I was inspired to making it after finding these in a charity shop in Helston.  It only costs £4 per ball too - thats a bargain.

Yeah Rowan Magazines for 99p each.  Yes I did buy all nine and yes I did drool over them all holiday. 

One of the magazines had a floral wrap in it.  I decided just to use one of the floral motifs and make a scarf.  I joined the flowers together as I went along.  The colour changes in the yarn were fabulous and eliminated the need to change colours in each individual flower.  I just carried on making flowers until I had no more twist.  I managed to get 18 flowers in total and each flower is approx 5 inches across so it makes for a good snuggly scarf.

They really were quick to make and once I had made a couple I didn't need to use the pattern any more.

Mildred was not happy to be draped in an old blanket but the scarf really did clash with her 1950's outfit.

I tried an arty shot - do you know scarfs are really hard to photograph.  I did try one of the scarf draped around my neck but my chings (good typo) chins got in the way.  So they were retired to the rubbish bin.

Drapey and cosy and snuggly and soft.  I am pleased with my flowery scarf - can you tell! 

Going now have been on the net a while, checked ebay sales, looked at Facebook, scanned through a few blogs, typed a post what did i do before - not much I say. 

Bye for now.

Have you spotted a few decorations are sneeking into our home.  Its beginning!

Oh yeah must tell you all LSJ proudly phoned me on Sunday to tell me she had completed her Christmas shopping!  Well done!  - do you want to do mine now?  Thought not.


Alix said...

That's a beautiful scarf - well done! I love the mix of colours which will also make it very practical. What next from those bargain Rowan pattern books? I'd be dithering till this time next year I think!

Vintage Jane said...

It's lovely ... and looks expensive! M x

Bee happy said...

Great job on the scarf, so pretty and looks hard to do! love your twigs and jug, I am going to use these at christmas instead of trees :)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Liz said...

Lovely scarf - beautiful colours. Like those little bookends too!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

VintageVicki said...

That looks gorgeous - I think having seen the forecast you'll be needing that lots too.

Well done on the Rowan books too - what a buy :)

Carol said...

Our market sells yarn by this maker, hadn't realised they did such lovely colourways. LOVE your flower scarf.
I was in St. Ives a few weeks ago and found a lovely little wool shop in an arcade area.
Carol xx

SarahB said...

Oooh, what bargains!!

Fab scarf!!

S x

Sally said...

So beautiful, love your scarf! Looks really soft and love the colour changing yarn. Love the toadstools! I saw some in Ikea this weekend wish I'd bought them now!
Sally x

Diane said...

I left a comment yesterday but it seems to have disappeared!!?? LOVELY scarf - the colours are great. Looking forward to Saturday. xxxx