Sunday, 19 June 2011

The Hepworth, Wakefield

Had a quick skip over to Wakefield today to visit the new Hepworth Wakefield.  We were impressed with the building which is  built right beside the River Calder.  

It was impressive inside too but unfortunately it was a no photo zone so I can't share  the art works with  you.   There were some stunning pieces and the layout had been well thought about. We spent a good hour having a look  around and enjoying the views from the huge windows.  It is worth a visit as it is free to get in but somehow it seemed to have something missing. Also the curators were a little too keen, they seemed  to be stalking around whilst people were exploring.  One little girl was closely examining a piece and a curator went over  to her and said very sharply 'don't touch' she nearly jumped out of her skin. She hadn't touched it either.  I do understand that you shouldn't touch the works of  art but I did feel a little under scrutiny and as I am touchy feely I kept  my hands clapsed  very tightly togetherr.  Both K and I said that The Yorkshire Sculpture Park is, in our opinion, a better option.  Anyone else been yet? What did you think?

This building was  directly  across the river from The Hepworth  I really loved  the  old sign writing.

Update on my day yesterday, I  went to  Good Food/Garden/Home show with my friends we had a good time.  We shopped, some  more than others Mrs G had a great shop, we drank  - Pimms in the sunshine and we laughed.  A great time was had by all.  I promised friend Janey that I would share this to make you laugh as it did her.  Whilst we were in the Plant Tent we were admiring the bonsai trees.  In my head (not out loud) I said to  myself  'Ah they are just like little trees' -  oh dear - I started  laughing and then I shared my inner thought with Janey who obviously  found it funny and laughed also.  Bless me.

Just for you  Janey here is my inner doh moment from today - I am laughing out loud as I am typing.  At the Gallery  there was an information board giving details of a nearby chapel on a bridge and it said 'As painted by Turner'  - Oh thought I, I didn't know he did interiors.  Doh.  He didn't.   Oh dear, oh dear good job I didn't say it out loud - I did share with K though.  I  like to make him laugh at  least once a  day.


Diane said...

Its on my list to do. I don't think you can beat the sculpture park though. I love that old painted warehouse. It looks fab! xxxxx

My Spotty Pony said...

I have not been to any of these places but the sculpture park sounds good.
Now I have read that you have been drinking Pimms, I suddenly want to have some! Perhaps I can have one with the Queen?... although I think she likes gin and dubonnet! :)

Vintage Jane said...

What a lovely couple of days. Sounds like the Pimms went to your head!! Chuck some of that sunshine down our way will you ... we are sadly lacking it at the mo - supposed to be going to the beach for Mr's 50th on Sat but worried it's going to be a washout! M x

Jane said...

Oops I think I was the one to over spend!! Pimms had gone to my head I think. When said purchase arrives I will send an invitation to join me, SD and SW for afternoon tea on the patio x

lemonade kitty said...

Hi I just found your lovely blog (can't remember how!) I'm going to make a cuppa as I've just read you've been on a Julie Arkell course, I'm a big fan of her's and would love to see what you made, Lucey x

fee @ chipper nelly said...

hey - will add to list.
LOVED the scupture park (meant to blog about it but must have been super busy) and I think that's where nelly got the beautiful jug in my present montage! (great shop and great cafe)
Loving a doh moment. My sister in law provides us with much entertainment (a 1st from cambridge but really thick!). Her recent one, on seeing a sign in a NT park saying 'under fives only on bikes' was to ask 'but what if they haven't got a bike with them?'

fee x