Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Today I am determined to write a post.  I just don't seem to have had the time or inclination to post at all so I am making a big effort to make it my first 'to do' of my day.

The holiday in Cornwall was wonderful.  The weather was mostly kind to us and we even had a few days of real holiday sunshine.  Enough for Belle to catch a few rays.

Guess how this happened?  Belle came to me and said 'look at these funny red marks on my legs mum, they weren't there this morning and I don't think they are bites' - Belle does get bitten a lot.  I pondered and looked and then laughed.  She had this smile shaped mark on one leg and on the other lots of stripes.  'Ah ha' said I that looks like a case of sunburn through jeans that are ripped down the legs and look like they are fit for the bin.  It was, the sun had caught her skin through the holes in her ripped jeans, (quite expensive jeans from Hollister - do you have a Hollister shop near you it is like going into a black hole, the lighting is really dim - not good for the older generation like me.  I think they do it so you can't see the prices of things that your teenage daughter falls in love with).  Anyhow problem solved and shorts were worn from then on to even out the marks.

We generally just pottered around whilst away.  Betty and her boyfriend Ant had come along with us so some days he went off to surf and we all went to our favourite places.  Marazion, Falmouth, Truro, Church  Cove and St Ives.  It was really busy we normally go to Cornwall at Easter or October half term so it did seem a little too busy in St Ives but we still loved it.  I had such a good time that I was really poor at taking photos, so sorry to all those who are waiting for holiday snaps, I took three.  Here they are.

I know three photos from a weeks holiday - must try harder in future.

I'm going to go now as I have a busy day ahead, nothing exciting, food shopping, pot washing, tip visiting kind of day but all essential if not a little boring.  When all the boring stuff is done I am going to sew - will share that another day.


Jane said...

Hi Debs Lovely view, and bag to boot!! Looking forward to Saturday NEC here we come, I'll get in touch about times and such. Jane x

Tracey said...

At least the 3 photos are lovely! Glad you had a good time. xxx

helen tilston said...

How lovely that you took along that beautiful bag which you lovingly sewed from vintage fabric.
One day I hope to visit Cornwall, St Ives, Truro etc. I have read so much about these places in books

Diane said...

I kept looking for that bag!!!! Its always busy in St Ives in the school hols, but you can always find a quite spot if you look hard enough. You should have come up to my tent for afternoon drinky poo's xxxxx

My Spotty Pony said...

Poor Belle, nothing worse than sunburn, especially when it is stripy. I have white skin that does not tan, and spent my teenage years with lobster flesh during the summer months!
The sign of a great holiday, is lack of photos, so I am pleased to see you had a good one.

MissGinger said...

getting sun burn through holes... one of lifes lessons - like burning your parting in your hair! what a lovely holiday you had. x

Mandy said...

Heading down there myself on Saturday. Would your lovely bag like another trip? lol xxx

Anonymous said...

please keep blogging :)

keshling said...

Ha! The exact same thing happened to my girlie Red at a car boot sale last summer - t-shirt with a ripped-effect back created masses of stripes across her Gothic-pale skin. She was not best pleased and a year later you can still just see the marks!

K xx