Saturday, 11 June 2011

Give Away

Phew I have been a bad blogger.  Since returning from holiday in Cornwall last Saturday I really don't seem to have had a minute.  I have hardly been on the computer which, for me, is most unusual.  Anyhow I have  popped on here to announce the winner of my giveaway.  You know, the one I said finished at the end of May and it is now the 11 June.  Shame on me.  I am doing the Giveaway in a very technical  way.  All high tec and very secure.  I am now just going to shout K who is in the living room to give me a number between one and twenty two - the person on the comments page who corresponds with the number is the winner.  Technical -  oh very technical indeed.  The winner is number 21.  Come  in No 21  you are a winner.  I will now refer back to my list to  see who it is

TEA AND CAKE it's you.

Well done please contact me with your address and I will post of your prize.

Going to go now.  Will be back soon as I do have a things to share and hopefully 'home' life  will be a little less busy.


BuTtOnZ said...

congratulations to the winner xx

The sewing room said...

One lucky lady, your give away prize is lovely.

Hugs Pat.

Alix said...

Well done to Tea and Cake (now there's an idea...) and I do like you method for choosing the winner!

Diane said...

Well done that winner!!! Can I just say that its a wonder I didnt get arrested in Cornwall for eyeing up every ladies bag!!! I must have looked like a robber!
Are you going to Louises on the 11ths September? as I am booked on a bag making course. xxxxxx

tea and cake said...

Ooh, I am tickled pink, Thank You! I have to get over to the email, now.

bellaboo said...

Congratulations to Tea and Cake!
Hope we can see your pics of Cornwall soon! :0)

fee @ chipper nelly said...

looking forward to your sharing!
congratulations to tea and cake....which is just what I'm off to do now. We have so many cakes left over from yesterday we could (will?) live on cake til wednesday!
fee x

Vintage Jane said...

Hope you don't mind but I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award! M x

My Spotty Pony said...

Congratulations to Tea and Cake!
Looking forward to your holiday pictures and news. x