Monday, 20 January 2014

Simple Modern Sewing

I received this book for Christmas.  I dropped a big hint to Father Christmas and he took notice (actually I bought it myself, wrapped it and popped it on my pressie pile (we all do this don't we?).  I have been yearning to sew something for myself for quite some time and after the visit to Dewsbury to the Mill Shop I had some great fabric to use.  I decided to make Pattern 2b Button Tunic.  I haven't used a Japanese sewing book before so it was all new to me.  I traced the pattern which was included at the back of the book.  It was a bit of a faff and the lines were hard to follow.  I highlighted the size I was going to use and it did make it much easier.  I had treated myself to some Kwik Sew tracing cloth.  I really liked it and would use it again although after a little research I have found that other people use garden fleece as it is a similar material although it doesn't have a grid on it (which I did find useful).

The finished item.

A little hand stitching.

I used orange/red thread for the button and a different way of sewing it on which I had seen somewhere on the internet.

Some stitching around the cuff.

I used an elastic casing instead of the recommended method of binding and gathering the neck.

The book cover

My top.

The sewing instructions were very basic, I thought, so a beginner may struggle but I enjoyed the process.  Unfortunately as a fairly short, little bit chunky, large chested kind of girl  this smock  top really doesn't suit me.  I really should have chosen one of the other styles more suited to my body shape.  We live and learn and I really enjoyed sewing an item of clothing for me rather than a cushion, bag or lampshade for my stall.  

I am going to make more projects from the book as there are 8 patterns with 2 variations to go at.  

Please note I wasn't sponsored for this little review it was just something I wanted to do.  Hope you enjoyed it and if I make anything else I will blog about it right here.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Smiley Sunday

Take a look at Dyl.  He is super happy with himself as he has stolen a melon skin out of the bin.

Such a happy chappy.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Fab Day Out

When we got up today I decided I fancied a trip to Fab Works in Dewsbury.  I have heard about this fabric shop before but never visited.  I was not disappointed.  It is a treasure trove of every type of fabric you could imagine.  In fact there was so much there I was a little bit dazed and didn't quite know what to choose.  I had also failed on quite a few fronts.  I have forgotten to take my quilt that needs a border fabric, I forgot to take my new Japanese sewing book to find out how much fabric I needed for the items I would like to make and most of all I didn't take a camera or my phone so NO photos.  Sorry.  I did decide on three pieces of fabric a blue chambray, a blue cotton fabric with tiny flowers for a top (Paul Smith) and some red and cream fabric (Avoca).  I also bought lots of lovely velvet ribbon I don't need it but I couldn't resist.  I really could have bought lots more, but, I resisted it is not far from where we live and I WILL return.  I am hoping to start on a top tomorrow so I will blog about it and maybe review the pattern book too.  

Wednesday, 1 January 2014


Well hello there.  Long time no bloggin.  In fact over a year with no blog post.  I suppose I fell out with it a bit, or a lot, and I don't really know why.  But a llittle while ago I popped to my blog and read a few posts and remembered things I had forgotten I had done.  Rekindled my memories of lovely stuff and with my three girl's entering into the world of blogging I thought I would join back in.  So, hopefully, I will blog a little this year what do you think?