Sunday, 7 October 2012


Hi I have been tagged by Mrs Hotchpotch.  I am going to tell you 11 things about myself that you might not already know.

1.  I love my bed and I tell it so every night (yep really)

2.  I have been married to Kev for TWENTY SIX years - that's a long time.

3.  I have a phobia of monkies.  Not apparent until one holiday in Benidorm when I was about 18 a photographer tried to put a chimp on my knee.  YIKES.

4.  I am now officially a market trader.  I stand two markets each week selling vintage wares, hand crafted items, vintage fabric etc.  I love it. If you happen to be in Chesterfield on Thursday or Retford on Friday call by and say hello.

5.  My first pet was a cat named Ringo - yes it was in the 60's.

6.  I have recently been told by two separate people that I do not look my age.  Not sure it's true but I liked hearing it.

7.  I often forget how old I actually am.

8.  I have had two operations on my back - both emergencies. All is well now.

9.  I can type without looking - although quite often it doesn't make sense.

10.  I really wish I could sing. When I worked in the Bank as a Secretary I often wished I could just belt out a song when everyone else was working away quietly.

11. When I worked in said Bank I used to slip the odd rude work into letters to make the person who had dictated it laugh.  Luckily they were never sent out to customers.

Thanks Mrs H for tagging me. Eleven things you might not have known.  Hope everyone doesn't mind but I am not going to join in with the rest of the tag thingy as I really just don't have the time.  TTFN.


Mrs. H said...

HEHEHE LOVE number 11!
: )

Diane said...

Love your 11 things. You don't look your age and I don't like monkeys either!! Good luck with your stall.xxxx

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

When I look at what I'm typing, it still doesn't make sense! Ada :)

pastcaring said...

Hi there, just found your blog via Diane (Heart Shaped) and Mrs Hotchpotch. I like finding other Sheffield bloggers! I go to Chesterfield market on a Thursday fairly regularly, I'll look out for your stall... Unless you are the lady whose Pop-Up Baby Jesus Book I admired, and who sold my friend a coat? (Ignore all the above it that wasn't you!)
Good to learn your 11 random facts. I used to work with a lady who regularly typed "Matters arsing" on meeting minutes/agendas, instead of arising, and see if anyone spotted it...
Small pleasures...
Love Curtise xxx

Brigitte Peetermans said...

Original to put it this way.

One thing you haven't mentioned.
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Interested in mine?

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Limited Edition.
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fee @ chipper nelly said...

hey Debs - I was just looking through some old posts of mine (long story) and noticed a funny comment from you...and though...oooh, I haven't heard from 2 bones for ages - I need to pop over and see wa'sup.
Turns out I haven't missed anything here since last October!
SO - hope you are ok and well and the reason you haven't blogged is a good one. I miss your cheery posts.
fee x