Monday, 17 October 2011

A New Coat

Not for me though.  A new coat for Dyl.  Next week we are off to Cornwall and when we go in Autumn Dyl comes with us. As he recently had a good hair cut - read short back and sides, I thought he might get a little chilly.  I did search the net for a crochet coat and I found a great one but when I looked through my ample stash there was nothing either inspiring or in the correct weight.  So I made him one.  I did this over two days whilst there were quiet moments at the workshop.  I draughed the pattern myself and guessed the size.  Basically it was sort of a large bib shaped piece of cloth - a wool knit from Louise's ample stash lined in black cord.  I sewed the two shapes together leaving a gap to turn through.  I ladder stitched the edges closed and then hand stitched a red running stitch around the edges for decoration - this can't be seen on the outside but looks good on the inside.  Actually it is reversible.  I then found some nice elastic and joined the front together and put an elastic band for under Dyl's tummy.  Voila one nice snug doggy coat.  He has worn it around the garden and whilst playing ball and it stayed in place so I think it's good to go.  Want a look.  Here he is the handsome boy.

Ah Mummy no photo's thank you.

Got a sneeky one whilst he wasn't looking

Very dapper.


Sally said...

Super cute! Wonder how he'd feel about a matching hat ;-)

Mandy said...

What a lucky Dyl. He looks gorgeous :) xxx

Bee happy said...

Great job on the coat, so cute! my 2 dogs get cold after a trim in this weather, a doggy t-shirt helps in the day :)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

fee @ chipper nelly said...

how smart he looks! and so on trend in those camel colours!
lucky dog
fee x

Diane said...

What a smart young chap!! Have a great time in Cornwall - pack coats as I think they have forecast snow!!!

Nattie said...

very dapper indeed! So cute!!!
Nattie x

Karen said...

What a handsome young dog - he will be the leader of the psck in that coat - it is a real beauty x

My Spotty Pony said...

What a top dog he looks!
Have a great time in Cornwall :)

Annie said...

Very dapper indeed Dyl, aren't you just the dandy in that :D