Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Button Necklace Tutorial

Hello.  Tomorrow night I am going to be teaching crochet at Hope and Elvis at their Knit and Crochet night.  I am really looking forward to it (I am also a little nervous).  I have been crocheting for about 4 years now and am self taught so to teach others is a little scary.  I know that I can pass on my crocheting knowledge though as I have taught the girl's and I did intend to teach K but I sort of ran out of time.  Anyhow I took over some samples of some crocheted bits and bobs and Louise asked if I could write some patterns.  Eeeeek.  I have never written a pattern before so I have been avoiding it - you know the head in sand , lalala, type of stuff.  Anyhow I have indeed written a pattern for a very simple crochet necklace.  This is not my very own unique idea I have seen these around on the net but this is how I do mine.  I have written the pattern down in rough note form and I thought it would be a grand idea to take some photos and blog about it here.  After all it's kind to share and I thought the photos might help.  Here goes. 

Crochet Button Necklace

Take some crochet thread/embroidery thread or similar then select an appropriate hook.  Think skinny thread, skinny tiny hook or thicker thread/wool thicker hook.  It's not got to be precise, its going to be worn around your neck so tension etc doesn't matter - this is a necklace not rocket science.

I am presuming one very minor fact here, that is you can crochet a chain.  You can't -  Oh, have a look on You Tube or go to Google and ask them very nicely if they would mind showing/telling you how to make a chain or go to the library or book onto the next Knitting and Crochet night at  

FYI I am using fine crochet thread - I don't know more than that it was out of a workbox I bought on the car boot the hook I am using with it is a 1.25 mm.

skinny hook, skinny thread

Ok lets begin.  Take your yarn, chain about 12 chains.

Make a button loop by popping your hook through the first chain stitch you made and making a further chain stitch.

You made a loop.

Then chain 25 more chains - more or less if you wish. 

Now it's time to make some choices, don't say 'Arrgh' it just means that you can now add on your buttons where you like when you like.  I personally like to space mine out quite evenly but you might choose to put two close together then leave a big gap.  It's up to you.  It's the fun bit.  When choosing the buttons I just dig into my button tin and pick what I fancy, I don't have a pattern or style in my head I just do as I damn well pleasy.  Of course you can line your buttons up all ready to be added to your necklace in a pretty pattern if you wish.  It's your necklace so it's up to you.  Ok.

 This is how I do it.

 Poke the hook through the hole in your chosen button.

wrap your thread around the hook and pull through the button hole pull this through the first loop on your hook

your button is attached - do a dance - are you happy - yarn and hook and button - all together doing a happy crochet dance. 

Carry on and chain approximately 20 more then add another button - carry on until the necklace is as long as you like.  When you have your desired length choose your final button.  I like to use a button with a shank for this part. 

Its the button that will fasten your necklace.  Very Important Point (VIP) make sure the button you choose goes through the button loop you made or there will be tears.  Join in this very last button in the same way  the others. 

Tie a few knots around the base of the button very tightly.  For extra security finish with a tiny blob of clear nail varnish just so it doesn't take it into its head to come undone you can even do this at the other end too, just to be super safe after all your hard work you don't want a crochet disaster.

Button loop and button - yeah.

A buttony, crochetty necklace.  (a pants photo sorry).

Look you can even wrap it round your little wristy - oh my goodness look at my wrinkles.  Yuk.

Hopefully this will make sense and you might end up with a useable item.  Would you let me know if you have a bash?  Thanks.

Good night.

Ps.  just watching Location, Location and one couples request is a flat to make their friends jealous.  WHAT.  Never heard anything so ridiculous in all my born days.  How about a flat you like, that you can make your home, thats cosy and welcoming.  Bah Humbug. 



My Spotty Pony said...

Sorry Debs, but you lost me at 'Tutorial'. However, I was well impressed with your post and enjoyed seeing how a clever handy person such as yourself can create such loveliness with buttons.
Buying a flat to make their friends jealous?!... bonkers!!

Kia said...

oooohh thank you!! I'll be trying that at next weeks craft night :D

Just Original said...

Hope today has gone OK for you! I'm sure you have done great and everyone has a great day!

I watched Location, Location, Location last night and thought exactly the same thing!

Vanessa x

Jane said...

Hi Debs, Oh wow, bracelet fab, want one lol. Nellies shoes are just perfect. Hope to get together soon I never know when you're working these days what happened to lady of leisure??

Sally said...

What a brilliant night! Thought your button necklaces were gorgeous, I will be having a go tonight!
Sal x

Diane said...

I keep missing your posts so I'm going to stick you on my sidebar so I can keep my eye on you. I love the shoes on your previous post - I wish I had gone to that class now. Hope your crochet went well. Can't wait to see what you did with the tea bag! xxxxxxxx