Thursday, 24 May 2012

Why Hello Long Time No Post

Good morning everyone.  No particular reason for not posting I suppose I lost a little of my blogging mojo and the longer you leave it the more difficult it is.  Anyhow here I am all fine and dandy and hoping you are too.  I have been busy being a 'craft sod' as my husband says and have been busy sewing and stitching  I have also been working both in my role as Nursery Nurse on a supply basis which I love and also at the Studio with Louise.  All good stuff.  The girl's are all plodding along with uni and school and K is training for the Sheffield half marathon and a trip to Wembly to see The Blades in yet another play off final.  Hope they win as if they don't he says he is not ever ever spending another penny on footie at The Lane.  Oh dear that means no money for me on crafty stuff as I equate - in my head - football money K spends = knitting wool, fabric etc.  Shame he hasn't been very much this season.  Any way look what I bought yesterday.  I popped to Elsecarr Heritage Centre as I was working nearby.  I got the magazine from a unit within the Antique Centre and the fabric and brooch from Heritage Re-loved.  The lady who runs it is lovely and we had a great chat about all things vintage, where to look for 'stuff' and our general love of making and re-using old fabrics, blankets, buttons etc. 

Fabulous graphics and the wool brooch albeit a little moth eaten - still beautiful

It has a wire edge and I think it has a woven base with embroidery over the top.

The finely worked one on the right and my clumpy effort on the left.  I still like it though and will have a bash at some more maybe using finer wool.

I used the wools from this box - a recent find at a car boot - you will be shocked at how much it cost.  At first I thought it was an empty box £1 - complete with wool.  Wowzer.

lots and lots

the box is fabulous a little water damaged because it was raining at the car boot. 

Rosy posy fabric from Heritage Re-loved.

Just to keep it real this is just a little of my fabric stash laying around in the living room.

and lastly this made Nellie and me laugh out loud.  I know we have a 'funny' sense of humour.  Its the same brand as my box of wool.  The ads in the magazine are brilliant.

Just for Miss Janey who should be reading this whilst in her office - I read Farmer Duck about 7 times yesterday and each time I thought of you. 

If anyone is interested pop over to my new Facebook page I will probably post on here a little more often and you can have a look at my recent makes which is the reason behind my untidy piles of stuff.

Oh I enjoyed typing this - note to self - post more often.


Alix said...

Welcome back! Sounds like life is busy. Lovely finds, especially the little brooch. Your remake looks super! Oh - Farmer Duck! Love that book - you'd see a gleeful smile on my face when the farmer gets his come-uppance every time you read it! if I was in your nursery!

lemonade kitty said...

So glad you're back I've missed your lovely posts and you always make me smile. You know what I like the brooch you made better than the one you bought, I think it's the colours, they're so summery, Lucey x

Jane said...

Debs...Farmer Duck...quack yes you know I love it!!!

Can I say "A beautiful Lady Garden, will trimmed"