Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Julie's Shoes

Those super duper red clogs belonged to no other than Miss Julie Arkell.  Julie was teaching at hopeandelvis.com and on Saturday I attended in the guise of Louise's helper.  Tee Hee.  As usual it was lovely to see Julie again who brought with her beautiful artwork.  Some of which I had seen befoe but some new.  All beautiful. 

This was Julie's own collection which were beautifully displayed on a vintage French baby blouse still in its original box.

Make a Scene.

Flippy floppy flowers with dingly dangly stalks.

Suffolk puff bracelents and tic toc watches

Julie uses the most interesting trinkets in her work.


I love toadstools.

Make a Scene - my Mum used to say this to be when I was little.  As in 'do no't have a trantrum/strop.

Old hat boxes of beautiful stuff and yes you can use anything you like on one of Louise's workshops - no limits - really.  Once described as a craft buffet where you can help yourself to a little of everything.

More goodies all beautifully displayed.  See the Queens Silver Jubilee Tin I sourced that for Louise on one of my shopping trips along with a china Corgi.  Louise just loves the Queen. 

Oh I Spy a roundie that I made - I also made the Cathedral Window cushion which although quite small took me a loooooong time.  It was worth it though and a great learning curve.  I made it wth the instructions from the CK Patch book and did find a few flaws in the instructions. 

Fabric daisy chain which actually links together just like the real thing.  To wear in your hair or around your neck.  It must have taken Julie hours.  Lots of hand stitched button holes.

Oh look inbetween making tea/coffee, cleaning the iron, chatting, washing drying the pots I managed to sneek in a little making.

This brooch was inspired by the old watch face I found.  I was going to stitch a cat but when I started sewing the eyes I thought they looked like eyebrows and then this little man appeared.  He made me laugh.  I would have liked to have stitched 'watch it kid' as this is what Dad used to say to us if we were about to get in  trouble but that would have taken too long so I stitched Hi underneath the watch.

Daisy Moon did lots of super stitching.  She made a scene.  She bought the creature fron Julie which says 'leaving Wales' on her pinny and Daisy stitched the rest.  Really lovely. 

All in all a super day at work. 


Diane said...

It was really fab - I left full of inspiration. xxx

The golden princess ;-) said...

Ha ha - Id forgotten "watch it kid" it's reminded me of one of his other phrases that was said if my behaviour wasn't quite unto scratch - remind me next time I see you xXX

Daisy said...

Julie always leaves me buzzing with ideas. I loved your bow and your little watch man. See you thursday? Thanks for the mention. xxx

lemonade kitty said...

I love the fact that with a bit of imagination a few scraps can be made into something wonderful. I just knew they were Julie's shoes!! Lucey x

Liz said...

Wow - so many lovely things to look at!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Jane said...

How lovely, You have been a buzy bee.
Is that why you've not blogged for ages. These office hours are getting longer xxx

Lyn said...

so jealous it looks great fun Debs!