Monday 20 January 2014

Simple Modern Sewing

I received this book for Christmas.  I dropped a big hint to Father Christmas and he took notice (actually I bought it myself, wrapped it and popped it on my pressie pile (we all do this don't we?).  I have been yearning to sew something for myself for quite some time and after the visit to Dewsbury to the Mill Shop I had some great fabric to use.  I decided to make Pattern 2b Button Tunic.  I haven't used a Japanese sewing book before so it was all new to me.  I traced the pattern which was included at the back of the book.  It was a bit of a faff and the lines were hard to follow.  I highlighted the size I was going to use and it did make it much easier.  I had treated myself to some Kwik Sew tracing cloth.  I really liked it and would use it again although after a little research I have found that other people use garden fleece as it is a similar material although it doesn't have a grid on it (which I did find useful).

The finished item.

A little hand stitching.

I used orange/red thread for the button and a different way of sewing it on which I had seen somewhere on the internet.

Some stitching around the cuff.

I used an elastic casing instead of the recommended method of binding and gathering the neck.

The book cover

My top.

The sewing instructions were very basic, I thought, so a beginner may struggle but I enjoyed the process.  Unfortunately as a fairly short, little bit chunky, large chested kind of girl  this smock  top really doesn't suit me.  I really should have chosen one of the other styles more suited to my body shape.  We live and learn and I really enjoyed sewing an item of clothing for me rather than a cushion, bag or lampshade for my stall.  

I am going to make more projects from the book as there are 8 patterns with 2 variations to go at.  

Please note I wasn't sponsored for this little review it was just something I wanted to do.  Hope you enjoyed it and if I make anything else I will blog about it right here.

Sunday 19 January 2014

Smiley Sunday

Take a look at Dyl.  He is super happy with himself as he has stolen a melon skin out of the bin.

Such a happy chappy.

Saturday 4 January 2014

Fab Day Out

When we got up today I decided I fancied a trip to Fab Works in Dewsbury.  I have heard about this fabric shop before but never visited.  I was not disappointed.  It is a treasure trove of every type of fabric you could imagine.  In fact there was so much there I was a little bit dazed and didn't quite know what to choose.  I had also failed on quite a few fronts.  I have forgotten to take my quilt that needs a border fabric, I forgot to take my new Japanese sewing book to find out how much fabric I needed for the items I would like to make and most of all I didn't take a camera or my phone so NO photos.  Sorry.  I did decide on three pieces of fabric a blue chambray, a blue cotton fabric with tiny flowers for a top (Paul Smith) and some red and cream fabric (Avoca).  I also bought lots of lovely velvet ribbon I don't need it but I couldn't resist.  I really could have bought lots more, but, I resisted it is not far from where we live and I WILL return.  I am hoping to start on a top tomorrow so I will blog about it and maybe review the pattern book too.  

Wednesday 1 January 2014


Well hello there.  Long time no bloggin.  In fact over a year with no blog post.  I suppose I fell out with it a bit, or a lot, and I don't really know why.  But a llittle while ago I popped to my blog and read a few posts and remembered things I had forgotten I had done.  Rekindled my memories of lovely stuff and with my three girl's entering into the world of blogging I thought I would join back in.  So, hopefully, I will blog a little this year what do you think?

Sunday 7 October 2012


Hi I have been tagged by Mrs Hotchpotch.  I am going to tell you 11 things about myself that you might not already know.

1.  I love my bed and I tell it so every night (yep really)

2.  I have been married to Kev for TWENTY SIX years - that's a long time.

3.  I have a phobia of monkies.  Not apparent until one holiday in Benidorm when I was about 18 a photographer tried to put a chimp on my knee.  YIKES.

4.  I am now officially a market trader.  I stand two markets each week selling vintage wares, hand crafted items, vintage fabric etc.  I love it. If you happen to be in Chesterfield on Thursday or Retford on Friday call by and say hello.

5.  My first pet was a cat named Ringo - yes it was in the 60's.

6.  I have recently been told by two separate people that I do not look my age.  Not sure it's true but I liked hearing it.

7.  I often forget how old I actually am.

8.  I have had two operations on my back - both emergencies. All is well now.

9.  I can type without looking - although quite often it doesn't make sense.

10.  I really wish I could sing. When I worked in the Bank as a Secretary I often wished I could just belt out a song when everyone else was working away quietly.

11. When I worked in said Bank I used to slip the odd rude work into letters to make the person who had dictated it laugh.  Luckily they were never sent out to customers.

Thanks Mrs H for tagging me. Eleven things you might not have known.  Hope everyone doesn't mind but I am not going to join in with the rest of the tag thingy as I really just don't have the time.  TTFN.

Monday 24 September 2012

Hi -Taps Screen - Anyone There?

Long time no post.  I had lost my blogging mojo and felt I had little to say, show or tell and felt I was spending too long on t'internet than in real life.  So after speaking to the lovely Mrs Hotchpotch I think it might be slowly returning.  Not making promises but hopefully I will be able to return to normal blogging and fnd it as pleasurable as I did before- if just a little less time consuming.  Hope you are all well.  I had to write today too as my friend Janey is FIFTY that is a really big number.  Love you Janey if you read this and looking forward to seeing you Wednesday it has been toooooooo lonnnnng. X

Friday 20 July 2012

Super Singer

Hello long time no post.  No particular reason.  I have been a busy bee.  Working in nursery, driving Belle to and from her work experience placement at Hope and Elvis, colleagues leaving parties and playing shop at a Vintage Fair.  Yes I had a stall at The Vintage Fair in the very grand Town Hall in Sheffield and it was great.  I met lots of lovely people, made a profit, my lovely friends J and S popped in with a surprise visit and K was a happy bunny chatting to stall holders, talking to customers and generally being a very helpful fetcher and carrier.  I really enjoyed it.  So much so that I am doing it all again tomorrow this time in the City Hall with Judy's Vintage fair.  This weekend is Tramlines Festival in Sheffield which is a free event with lots of bands, stalls, etc. So if you are in Sheffield this weekend it would be lovely for you to come to the Ballroom in the City Hall to say hello.

Now I will explain the title to my post.  On Wednesday one of my neighbours called me over as she had very kindly taken in a parcel for me.  She then mentioned that she knew I liked 'old' stuff as she had recently seen me at a car booty and had spotted my old books, china cabinet etc in my house.  She is not nosey we live in a 60's house with huge picture windows so all the above are clearly visible from the road, along with my laundry, the clothes horse drying clothes - all the time - come on sunshine give me a break from the dreaded clothes horse.  Anyway long to short.  She said she had an old sewing machine she was selling and would I be interested.  I said that I already had one and she said ok its just that its old, it has a treadle, it's a Singer and it is in a beautiful cabinet.  Oh my goodness then I WAS interested.  She asked if I would like to have a look.  I was sooooo excited when she showed me.  It is a beauty.  I said yes please as quick as a flash and showed her my goosebumps to show her how delighted I was.  I also told her that Nellie would love it too.  She replied by saying Oh I have another one, its not in as good nick but you can have it.  Wham.  Two Singers to find homes for.  K did raise an eyebrow and fuffawacked a little (which equals swearing words in our house)  about where we where going to put it but for me it was LOVE at first sight.  Here she is.

This is mine squished in my teeny tiny hall but will be moved - sometime.

This is Nellie's she stripped it, oiled it, cleaned and polished it, Brasso'd and WD40'd it and now it sews like a dream.

So neighbour Lucy thank you so much for giving us two Super Singer's.  Neighbour Lucy also said I've got lots of threads as well, you know the old ones on wooden bobbins, I will dig you them out too.  Oh and I have a concertina sewing box, a wooden one in the loft I will dig that out for you too.